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Dudley's Blog

The ACCURATE Story behind the Star Spangled Banner

This has been quite the journey! About 2 years ago we produced a video on the Star Spangled Banner just for our church. We had some of the facts wrong so we did a second version of it. Some how (we don’t know how) someone got a hold of the inaccurate version and posted it on youtube and the video went VIRAL on us. Over 1.7 million hits. Only problem is was NOT the corrected…

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The Pastor just said OMG!!!

Yes, you heard it! The Pastor not only said OMG! He is getting ready to start a new sermon series this weekend called OMG! You see, our world has lost total reverence and respect for GOD ALMIGHTY! We use his name in vain without even knowing it. We don’t even realize we are breaking the 3rd commandment listed in Exodus 20:7. OMG!…

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The MOST important Birth Certificate in the World

I am amazed at all the press concerning Obama’s Birth Certificate. My humble opinion is that he should have released this thing 2 years ago. But He has his own reasoning for doing so today and I hope that it allows more time to be spent on our economy. The whole 14 trillion dollar debt thing and the gas price surging thing…

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Interested in visiting the Holy Land (Spring of 2012) ?

Looking at taking a tour to Israel in the spring of 2012. Please leave your contact information at 818.832.3479 (Shalena) if interested. We have 26 people on a list so far. We would love to add you to our list!

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