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Three Things that are Eternal

There’s an old expression that “all good things must come to an end.” But whether good or bad, everything in life is temporary. Seasons change. Cars break down. Houses eventually become dilapidated. Fabric tears and gets worn out. Metal rusts. Our bodies, though remarkably resilient, are also quite fragile and inevitably succumb to mortality. Careers conclude and relationships dissolve. Is there anything in this universe that we can count on to last forever? The Bible…

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The Promise of Eternity

Have you ever broken a promise to someone? Has someone ever broken their promise to you? The sad reality is that human beings make and break promises all the time. “I’ll be there, I promise.” “I promise to love you always, for better or for worse.” “I promise never to do that again.” “I’ll take you there someday, I promise.” Unfortunately, every broken promise makes us more and more skeptical because broken promises equals broken…

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A Picture of Heaven

From the beginning of time, people young and old have wondered what Heaven will be like. Is Heaven real? If so, what does it look like? Who will be there? What will we do there? Thankfully, we find the answers to these questions in God’s Holy Word. The last two chapters of the last book of the Bible, Revelation, have more to say about Heaven than the rest of the entire Bible. Revelation 21:5 declares,…

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Why Is There So Much Suffering in the World?

As a pastor, I’ve had many people ask me why there is so much suffering in the world. It seems that on any given day, we can peruse the news and hear about one senseless tragedy after another—shootings, natural disasters, political corruption, crime, and death. These trials occur on a personal level as well. Perhaps right now you are grappling with a divorce, bad news from a doctor, or losing something or someone important to…

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