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Largest Church Per Capita

World’s Largest Church Per Capita from Call On Jesus on Vimeo.

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For Men Only For Women Only

The next two weeks I will be preaching a sermon to the men in the church and then to the women. To be clear I want every one to hear both messages but I want to be up front that this coming weekend I will primarily be talking to men and the following week their counterparts. We are living in a day and age where men are abandoning their God given role to lead. I…

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Today it was an honor to sit with our Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with a few of my preacher friends and discuss some spiritual matters. I do not want to go over all the details but we wanted to express some things in regards to the “Will of the People” and I actually got to pray over the Governor. My mind raced to…

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Easter Greetings

Untitled from Call On Jesus on Vimeo. We had close to 17000 in all of our services this past Easter. The tent had 8500 seats and we had two services there. Then over at the Wadsworth we had close to 700 and then all of our satelites had great crowds as well. It’s always amazing how people will come to church on this particular weekend. But the question of the ages is why won’t they…

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