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Dudley's Blog

A Great Crew and the Blue Crew

We have perhaps the best maintenance crew of any church in America. These guys are HARD WORKERS and they have the BEST attitudes. They are a personal blessing to me and our church is INDEBTED to this crew. They do more than just clean, they keep our campus looking…

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Missionary to Japan

This is Mike Ackerman who spent several months working at our church and is currently working and serving in Japan. Japan is less than 1% Christian and he has already learned the language and is back trying to raise some support. I want you to know, that if you are looking for a way to help make a difference in the world,…

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Info from my good friend Pastor Caleb

I’ve loved how our “7” sermon series is going so far. This Sunday is going to be a powerful Sunday as you all pray about who you will bring to church for our “Whobody Day.” This Sunday, the Woodland Hills campus is doing something special as well. They are having an 8 week Theology series every Sunday night from 6-7:30pm. Each night will feature a different Bible college or seminary professor, some teaching, and Q…

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National Day of Prayer

Salvador Fuentes our Spanish Pastor and Jim Tolle from Church on the WayThis morning Shepherd hosted a National Day of Prayer from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. We prayed for our country, our President, our church and for our government officials.We spent time praying for our firefighters and police officers. We prayed for our young people…

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