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    • Forever grateful for Saturday night services @shepherdchurch and for the Spirit of God that is at work in our lives.  The worship, the word, the people, the decisions, the prayers, the Spirit, the love and of course the Lord!  #mercy 
#grace #love #hopeforall #shepherdchurch #saturdaynightchurch
    • My Daughter turns 21 on March 1. For her birthday she asked me to repost her words requesting NO gifts for her, but instead trying to raise awareness and funds for #enditmovement and stopping human trafficking. It speaks well of her heart and the Lord that she serves. So.... Here you go.... HEY FRIENDS!!! In a few days, I am celebrating my 21st birthday and I'm giving the day away! There is a place here in SD called Generate Hope that helps women that have survived sex trafficking. It is a faith-based organization that seeks to rehabilitate these women so that they can go on and live their fullest lives! My hope is that you would be willing to partner with me to help these ladies in their recovery, but also help the organization continue to do this good work in our community. My goal is to raise at least $300 by my birthday. However, if giving is not something you can do at this time, I ask you do at least 1 of 2 things (if not both). 1.) Educate yourself! Did you know that there is an estimated 8,830-11,773 trafficking victims in SD each year?!? This is not a small number. Look at the research... And 2.) raise awareness! Once you have your facts, sit down with a friend over coffee. Talk about it, see what you can do to help end this travesty... maybe even dedicate an Instagram post! (use the hashtag #Kerriturns21 so I can see all you lovely people!) ---
So, all that being said, I ask that you join me. Not even for me or for my birthday, but for the sake of stopping this evil and finding freedom and healing for our brothers and sisters in the name of our Jesus. ---
You can check out the link in my bio to learn more about Generate Hope OR to donate directly.
‼️I WILL BE TAKING DONATIONS via the app Squarecash. My user name is $Kerribrett - this method allows me to personally keep track of the goal, so keep that in mind if you decide to donate. DM or text me after making a donation to make sure I see it.‼️
Thank you guys!!! ❤️
    • If you live in LA, its this coming Saturday.  Please repost and spread the word.  We are calling nen together to help lead our families and city to the Lord.  #mensgathering #kkla #faithfulcentral #bishopulmer #dreamofdestiny #racialunity #lovegodlovepeople
    • I was about to return this because it was NOT helping me sleep until I realized after 4 nights of trying to sleep that the pillow was actually inside the box.  #mypillow #poorinstructions. #zzzzzz #ambienworks
    • Do you remember the 5 key 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑 words from the sermon this past weekend?????? Thank you to @cluv5jbs for post!  Love you all!!! #inspired #godbreathed
    • So after church I was invited to watch @liberty_sb play @uclasoftball.  Enjoyed watching @ryleereynolds get a base hit.  She grew up @shepherdchurch and plays for Liberty.  After the game, the highlight, was watching the Liberty team kneel at home plate.  As soon as the UCLA team saw Liberty kneeling, they too joined in the prayer.  It is always important to thank the Lord for the gifts and talents that he gives us.  @dotrichardson1, you are an amazing Coach and mentor.  Blessings to you and your team.  And of course.... Go Bruins!  #liberty #uclasoftball #honortotheLord #godisgood #hopeforall #bruins #8clap @rayreynoldss #girlsrule
    • I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.  #bethelmusic #shepherdchurch #pillarsofhope #hopeforall
    • Great first quarter Heritage Christian  vs #1 rated Sierra Canyon.  34-30.  #CIF #californiahoops #heritagechristian #sierracanyon #porterranch #LA #bruins #UCLA #prospects #backyard #shepherdchurch #futurebruin #marvinbagley
    • Pouring cats an dogs and frogs!  #rain #floodlike #lafreeways #asitwasinthedaysofnoah
    • Ran into @cedtheentertainer This past weekend.  He was a very kind and gracious.  Hoping he will swing by @shepherdchurch soon.  I forgot to ask him if he prays before he hits the golf ball or after he hits the golf ball. #portervalley #lunch #pvcc #cedric #laughterisamedicine #letsteeitupsometime #cedricusversesthepumps

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