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    • What a night! What a fight!  But at the end, one man, who lost, stands in the corner and raises his hands and the man who actually won the fight goes to the opposite corner and goes to his knees to say thank you to his Lord and Savior.  Thank you @mannypacquiao for not only being the people’s champion, but for your humility and graciousness.  @jinkeepacquiao #mgmgrand #pacquiao #pacbroner #humilty #thanksgiving #thepeopleschampion.  You are all invited to a bible study and communion service tomorrow at the Michael Jackson theatre at the Mandalay Bay hotel at 12:00 noon!  #biblestudy #communion #mandalaybay
    • On the 25th anniversary week of the Northride earthquake we kicked off a new series called “The Epicenter of the Bible.” LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!  God’s Love for YOU is the center!  @shepherdchurch photo by @calebwilds
    • New Series beginning this weekend @shepherdchurch @shepherdaguadulce @shepherdchurchwestside @shepherdchurchwestvalley
    • I Love LA!  #cyclingvideo #anotherperfectday
    • Proving once again that there are such things as “great Coaches” who don’t have to cuss to get their point across.  Never wanted to have my children play for coaches who cuss a lot.  Why?  I want people around my children that set a Christlike example for them in all areas of life.  Including both word and deed.  In other words, if the best way to learn a sport was to be around someone who was going to be teaching , shaping and molding my child in a discipline, I would want the coach to be disciplined in their conduct as well.  I would want the babysitter, teacher, mentor or coach to instill the same character as my wife and I.  Parents guard the hearts of your children by keeping them around Godly Coaches.  Just pointing out it’s possible to find that kind of coach!  #dabo #jesusothersyourself #JOY #Godhasaplan. #collegefootball #godismoreconcernedaboutcharacterthananyoutcomeofanygame #ncaafootball #coachwisdom #wiseteacher #examplesetter #clemson #alabama #soonersupnext
    • This is authentic as in AUTHENTIC Mexican food.  Look for the owners who attend @shepherdchurch and tell them hello.  @losruizenores and @mari_chavezruiz.  Ernie Ruiz will NOT let you down!  #mexicanfood #hiddenjewel #sylmar #handmadetortillas #lunch #13566glenoaksblvd #ruizzenores
    • Out theme for the NEW YEAR will make a big difference for this amazing city!  #2018 #cityofangels #quotationmarks #ilovethiscity #losangeles #porterranch #westside #westvalley #aguadulce #shepherdchurch @shepherdchurch
    • There is a lot of truth here in this post.  We ought to pray on all occasions!  Starting today!!!! Have that time to converse with your Lord Jesus everyday.  #prayer #prayerpost #bible #quote #shepherdchurch #oneminutesermon photocred to @rajpmirpuri
    • This is a small 2018 recap from the weekly bulletin covers handed out. “The Certainty of Eternity.” This coming weekend we will begin a new year with a new theme.  We will be sharing the journey and direction our church will be taking for 2019.  Plan on attending now with a friend, a Bible, a pen and of course, an open and compassionate heart!  #newtheme #shepherdchurch #2019 #2019theme  Thank you to @cluv5jbs for her photo

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What Does Eternity Really Mean?

I had the privilege of attending the Summer Olympic Games in China  in 2008, and while I was there, my mind kept coming back to this one thought.  It wasn’t the fanfare or the excitement — nor the gold medals or records broken — but the droves of people wandering around Beijing who did not know the name of Jesus. My heart was burdened by the reality that most of the people who surrounded me…

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Encouragement for the Parent of a Prodigal Child

Raising a child is one of the most fulfilling, wonderful, and selfless experiences in life. There is nothing quite like helping a precious son or daughter grow from an infant, to a toddler, to an elementary schooler, to a teenager, and finally to an adult. Your heart feels an overwhelming sense of love and protection unlike any other bond it has felt before. The work of parenting can be humbling. It can be arduous and…

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