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    • This isn't just a quote to me.  It is a pillar in my life.  The only thing I would add is to "trust in the Lord". I have great people around me working together to make a difference for God's Kingdom.  But nothing is accomplished in my life without the Lord God!  #quote #truth #LA #bigdreams #Jesusisthenameofthelord
    • If I could share but one message it would be that Jesus wants to be your Savior.  He wants to save you!  He died to save you.  John 3:17 tells us that Jesus didn't come to condemn the world, but to save the world!  When his grace and our faith connects, salvation occurs.  Tag a friend and repost and let the world know that #jesussaves
    • Building the roof first.  So in a couple of days we are literally going to raise the roof @shepherdchurch.  136,000 ton of steel in the roof.  Big time LEGO building going on here.  May Jesus be praised and glorified under this roof as long as it shall remain!
    • Nominate your favorite church to receive free copies of Walls Fall Down...plus exclusive study journals designed by BookPal. (Please note: Please do not nominate Shepherd Church since it has already gotten to experience the Walls Falls Down book and sermon series. Thank you! :) Go to http://lp.book-pal.com/walls-fall-down/ to enter.
    • WOW!!!! @spoken_wheel has our own @shepherdchurch cycling clothes display.  Go visit them on the corner of Platt and Vanowen in West Hills.  Ask for Jodi.  His family attends our church and he is making a difference for the Lord.  #cycling #spokenwheel #shepherdchurch #ilovemychurch #westhills #pastordudley #Amgentour  #shepherdchurch #fitforGod
    • We were blessed to have @javenonline  with us this weekend @shepherdchurch.  Watch for him soon on #TBN and follow him on #intagram.  He reminds me all the time that because of God everything is going to be All Right!  @mattandlauriecrouch #GodIsGood #musicman
    • Plenty of service times left for you to attend!  Go to ShepherdChurch.com to find a campus near you or watch us online!  Message is "Are we living in the last days?" Photo cred: @valerieffic #areyouskippingchurchagain?
    • Can't wait to preach from God's word this weekend @shepherdchurch.  Bring your Bible!!!!! We will be preaching on the subject of the "End Times". #endtimes #beready #whereisyourbible #losangeles #clippers #warriors #lakers #nba
    • Please follow @naghmehabedini and pray for her and her husband.  Pray for her travels, her heart, her family and her protection.  #freesaeed #savesaeed #persecution
    • Top of Balcom.  #Amgentour in the rain@  The pro's are AMAZING!  #nofear

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3 Reasons God Seems Absent During Difficult Times

Have you ever wondered if the Lord had only showed up on time that perhaps things would have turned out differently for you? Perhaps you had some bills that were past due, or problems with a spouse or a child, or a loved one who was sick. Mary and Martha found themselves in this exact situation when their brother Lazarus was dying. We find this story in John chapter 11 in the Bible. Mary, Martha,…

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How Can I Know the Will of God?

One question I am often asked as a pastor is, How will I know what God’s plan is for my life exactly? I share with people that God reveals His plan to us in many, many ways. Some folks live as though God never speaks to them, but He speaks to us in a thousand ways. He communicates His plan to us through the Bible. By reading the Word, we discover that the Lord’s will…

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Trusting God

Trust is a prevalent theme throughout the Bible, appearing 186 times in the New King James Version. Trusting God is a vital element of your personal journey to conquer any impossible obstacle you are facing today. If you desire to bring God into the equation and expect supernatural results, then you have to trust that God has your best interest in mind—that, no matter what curve ball life may throw at you, your future rests…

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