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    • Two days to the start of our Women Who Influence Conference @shepherdchurch.  Looking forward to being with @carichampion @glennbraggs @cindyheronbraggs @candacecbure via video, @jenbricker @frankmsontag @kaylafrancisla #jackielacey #chiphurd @reneclarkca #dominiquefuraqawa #talithaphilips @theluwilliams
    • Trevor Morgan of 3rd Day Band helping lead worship this weekend.  Trevor leads on a regular basis at my brothers church in Fresno, California.  If you are ever in Fresno be sure to attend Cross City Church.  #crosscitychurch #trevormorgan @trevormorganmusic @rutherford_d
    • Church was amazing tonight @shepherdchurch and can’t wait for Sunday Morning to worship with believers from every walk of life!  #shepherdchurch #onemonthtolive #philippians #worship
    • Enjoyed seeing several Shepherd youngsters playing football last night in a local High School football game between #Chaminade and #Alemany.  #33 #22 #jonahburton #johnburton #5 #jonathanthomas to name a few.  Be sure to check out #dailynews article by @_tarekfattal.  And to the parents of these young men, I say to you.... job well done.  Raising teenagers who work hard and who have great character is not easy in this world today. It was an honor to be there and looking forward to catching a @hcs_warriors football game soon.  #fridaynightfootball @cluv5jbs
    • Breakfast at @pillarscafe this morning.  #oatmeal #coffee #avacadotoast #firepit #water #churchat6:00pm.
    • Saw this on my twitter feed today.  Praying that whoever broke into this car listens to the CD’s!
    • So, an update on my knee, just because so many people have asked.  I have had a torn meniscus for about 10 years and it was painful to simply walk.  So, this past Monday I had Arthroscopic surgery, and Dr Hartman from Simi Valley performed the procedure pictured.  They wrapped my leg and asked me to keep the knee covered for at least three days.  So this afternoon, I took the bandages off, surveyed the stitches and placed some bandaids over the crime.  It is swollen, but I am able to do some physical therapy and should be back to normal in a couple of weeks.  I might have a little hitch in my step this weekend, but I am ready to preach and kick off a new sermon series this weekend.  Hope to see you in church with your Bible, your smile and a guest by your side.  Thank you for your prayers and concerns.  Love you!!! #oneleggedpreacher #drhartman #simivalley #thousandoaks #saxonsurgicalcenter #venturaorthapedics
    • Jayce (booboo) stopped by to see his papa coach today.  I don’t know if he enjoys me more than I enjoy him, but I do know we always have fun.  Pillars Cafe is a great place to hang out with your grandson.  Spent the morning sharing the plans for 2019 to our staff and tomorrow I am looking forward to taking the dressing/bandages off my knee.  Then we will be kicking off our new sermon series for October @shepherdchurch.  Just a lot to be thankful for and know that all those blessings come from above.  #thankyoulord
    • Success!!! Thank you to Dr. Hartman from Simi Valley and the team of nurses at #saxonsurgical.  Had some difficulties waking up and would not have made it home without the patience and care from @stevejurado78.  Thank you Steve!  This is a busy week.  Sharing the 2019 theme with the staff on Wednesday.  Filming all day on Friday for LiftUpJesus.tv and then we are kicking off a NEW 4 week sermon series this weekend.  Thank you for all your prayers and please know I could sense them.  #oneleggedpreacher
    • A picture hanging in the lobby of Saxon surgical center in Thousand Oaks, that looks a little like my knee that they are about to cut into.  If you have a few minutes I would covet your prayers from all you prayer warriors.  #scope #meniscus #ingoodhands #noworries

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