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    • This is baby #NIA.  She was one of 100 babies dedicated to the Lord on Friday night @shepherdchurch.  She was the next to the last family in line and for some reason, I think the Lord knew I was missing my grandson, she reached for me and wanted me to pick her up.  I picked her up, for some reason she wanted me to hold her.  I tried to give her back to her parents but she wanted to stay with me.  I told her parents I was adopting her and they could always have more children.  Lol.  Anyway, it was a grand evening dedicating the Shepherd babies to the Lord. Please keep baby Nia in your prayers along with all the others sweet babies. #bestchurchever #cutestbaby #shepherdchurch #babydedication #2019 #babynia
    • The Lord is a Strong Tower.  When everything around you is failing and falling make sure you look to the creator of the universe!  Upon this rock shall we stand!  #bible #biblequote #oneminutesermon Thanks to #rebuiltruins777 for post pic
    • Father’s day services were anointed this weekend and the Spirit of the living Lord was present.  Many came to the altar to profess Christ and I know there were many miracles that happened as well.  Happy Father’s Day to all you dads!  #shepherdchurch #@mannypacquiao @jinkeepacquiao @darrylstrawberry18 @frankmsontag @jeff_dunlap44
    • Happy Father’s Day!!!!!! Come on over to @shepherdchurch today by 11:00 a.m. and hear an amazing testimony by Darryl Strawberry who won 4 World Series with the Mets and the Yankees.  It’s a story of redemption and hope!  #fathersday #mets #yankees #dodgers #cardinals #mlb #baseball #salvation #grace #jesus
    • @darrylstrawberry18 will be speaking at all of our services this weekend @shepherdchurch.  Bring your dad for a special Father’s Day service.  Root beer floats and a life changing testimony.  Bring your dad if your able and dad’s bring your entire family!!!! #fathersday #dad #father #shepherdchurch #mlb #baseball #majorleague #darrlystrawberry18 #mets #dodgers #yankees #church #sunday #losangeles
    • #oneminutesermon
    • The cross!  #thecross #cross
    • Feeding the Nino Grande and babysitting!  Can you say papaaaaa?  #grapetomatoes #cheerios #ninogrande #papacoach #jiggyjayce
    • Took Shepherd Cycling to V.A. Cemetery to visit the grave of Army staff SGT Darrell Ray Griffin Jr who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nations frredom.  He was a “bronze star with valor” and “purple heart” recipient.  He was killed by a snipers bullet on March 21, 2007.  His father, Shepherd Church member,  tells the brave story about his son in the book “Last Journey.” I pray we are all mindful and thankful for all the people who serve in the armed forces.  Saying “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough.  Living everyday being mindful of people like Darrell Ray Griffin Jr., paying respect and caring for our nation is a great way to express ones gratitude.  Thank you also to all the scouts who place flags on the grave markers today.  We are all indebted.  #usa #america #usarmy #memorialdayweekend #memorialday #flagrespect @quickeasyreads @flagrespect #gratefull #blessing #freedom #ultimatesacrifice
    • Preaching on the subject of the “Boy and his Lunchbox” this weekend @shepherdchurch and then hosting a #MicasaLA concert Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. with @evancraft to help raise funds for the homeless in our valley.  #hopeofthevalley

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When my grandmother met my grandfather, he was a lawyer for the United States government, working in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When they met and fell in love, he did what every respectable young man in that day would do: he took her home to meet his mother. But my grandfather had to warn my grandmother about something. “Millie, I’m taking you home to introduce you to my mom,” he said. “As soon as you walk in…

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