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    • It’s always important to raise your grandchildren in the ways of the Lord and in the ways of #teampaquiao.  @jinkeepacquiao @mannypacquiao @david.sisson
    • Starting a NEW 7-Week sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer @shepherdchurch.  If you live in the Los Angeles area this would be a great time to come join us.  Who better to teach us how to pray than Jesus himself.  Life Group curriculum is available too.  #newsermonseries #prayer #prayermessage #prayers #howtopray #lordteachushowtopray #lord #church #churchlife #lifegroup #smallgroup #smallgroupcurriculum #shepherdchurch #joinus #ilovemychurch
    • Praying Saturday night for all our youth as they head back to school this week.  We still have two more services today @shepherdchurch or on any of our campuses.  Bring your family and let’s pray for the youth as they begin another school year.  Let’s build a spiritual foundation!!! #kingdomofgod #backtoschoolbacktochurch #sunday #sundayisthelordsday #sundayworship #ilovemychurch #shepherdchurch #pastordudley #prayer #prayerworks.  Feel free to write out a prayer for our youth and repost!
    • Preaching this weekend and wrapping up our sermon series on “The Kingdom of God.” Will also be praying for all our Students as they head back to school.  @shepherdchurch #shepherdchurch. #prayer #prayingforourchurch #backtoschoolbacktochurch
    • Looking forward to preaching @Shepherdchurch this weekend and praying for all of our students as they head back to school, but first wanted to thank you for all your prayers last night, as we witnessed @kerribrett and @missedtheark being joined in Holy Matrimony.  Two, fourth generation church leaders being wed is not a common occurrence.  Blessed to know these two will accomplish more together in God’s kingdom than they would have separately.  #noahandkerrigetmarried #daddysgirl #foreverisforever #love youboth.Amen!
    • The Day Begins!  Prayers, family, friends, celebration, food, love and life!  @missedtheark @kerribrett
    • Where do I begin??? My youngest of three, @kerribrett is getting married in 3 days.  Her father (yours truly) will attempt to walk her down the aisle, and then perform her ceremony.  This will NOT be easy.  Many tears have already fallen as I think about my baby girl and her next chapter in life.  Something about remembering her first steps, her first words, her first day of school that makes all of this way too soon.  Where did the years go? How does time fly so quickly?  Mama and I are both thankful for her life, her heart and for her love for the Lord.  We know that God has ordained the sweet boy @missedtheark that has committed to love her and to lead her in life and in ministry.  We could not be happier for both of them.  My best advice I could give you is to keep your eyes on the Lord each and every day.  Remember that love is giving and serving and not necessarily a feeling.  Find a way to bless your spouse in ways they do not expect.  Build your family upon the foundation of the Church and God’s Word.  Forget about the difficulties of yesterday and start each day with a new slate.  And last but not least, don’t forget about your dad, who loves you more than all the stars in the sky!  In three days you will change your last name, but in my mind, you will forever be “daddy’s girl”. #daddydaughter #ido #loveisforever #marriagewords #marriageadvice #tearsofjoy #itstime #yougrewuptoofast
    • Grandson, starting to crawl and found himself on top of a box. After he got up there, he couldn’t figure out how to get down.  Good thing he had loving parents to help him.  Reminds me of the times we find ourselves in a pickle and we need a loving Heavenly Father to help us.  I know the future is often scary, but there is nothing too difficult for God to handle.  #jaycewest #lookingforhelp #Godlovesyou #help me #oneminutesermon #grandsonisgrand #nowwhat
    • Some Ragbrai photos and video.  Riding across the entire state of Iowa.  Did a little extra loop (106 miles) in honor of the founder.  Average speed over 19 mph.  Met with some dear friends form my Church in DesMoines when I was first out of college.  Got to see my old high school team mate Kelly Burton.  Met a man named Bill whose daughter attended that church.  He is a life long Iowan.  Spent some time with Vicky Davis.  Have known her since she was 15.  Saw a woman that I had met before who is blind and she has done 8 Ironman.  You can follow her on Twitter @ironmantina.  She is an inspiration.  And of course ate some food from the heart of the Midwest.  Third time riding across the state.  The weather has been 70’s and low 80’s.  I wish every person living in Los Angeles or New York could spend a week in small town America.  It truly is the heartland.  #ragbrai #ragbrai2018 #iowa #iowa2018 #sweetcorn #recharging #rechargingbatteries #wholesome #mission #notquitting #onepedalatatime #77
    • 75 miles today.  #ragbrai #iowa #day2ragbrai #ragbrai2018 #cycling #cyclingvideo #cornfields #heartland where was #@lancearmstrong and @jimmyjohnson and @tim5356

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Soul Winning Made Simple

The word evangelism can conjure up a variety of images and thoughts ranging from world missions to flashy televangelists. Many faithful church members would answer, “Evangelism? Oh, that’s something our preacher does on Sunday morning.” Well, yes . . . and no. Many years ago I heard one of the greatest definitions of evangelism, and to this day it has stuck with me: evangelism is nothing more than mouth-to-ear resuscitation! What a great yet simple…

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