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One Thing to Prioritize

It can be difficult to prioritize that which is truly important in life when we are faced with a myriad of choices each day. According to research, you will make 35,000 choices today, and about 225 of those decisions will be about what you eat and drink. Your entertainment decisions (what you will watch or listen to) are countless. Hundreds of television channels offer a copious schedule of dramas, comedies, and sports…not to mention more…

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One Thing to Seek

What do you desire most in life? If Aladdin’s genie were real, and you somehow obtained his lamp, what would you wish? Many of us would request wealth, health, or happiness—or perhaps all three! (After all, according to the classic tale, you get three wishes, right?) However, I just want you to narrow down your number-one desire above all other things. The truth is, your wish reveals a lot about what is inside your heart…

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