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    • Praying for all who are here today! @shepherdchurch
    • Hahahaha #trudat #bornagain
    • Our view tonight headed to #parkermesa.  God's creation is amazing!!!!!!!!!! #mountainbiking #sunset #LA #greenacres #shepherdsports
    • #parkermesa. Who is the little guy?
    • New sermon series this weekend @shepherdchurch plus life groups.  Be ready for the Lord to move mightily in your life!  #shepherdchurch #westvalley #westside #aguadulce #porterranch #northernlights #yhwh
    • #77. Ventura to Santa Barbara loop with the Palm Desert gang.  #63 miles.  #Cloudy #Coastline #Climbing #Cycling #Company #Cervelorr5 #cheerful #coffee #competitive #Christ. @tim5356 @54rickjk @michellemaustin @shepherd_sports @stevejurado78 @
    • We are all ready to see you and your guest this weekend!  Resurrection services (all identical) begin Friday night.  We are prayed up, fired up and anticipating an incredible weekend!  @shepherdchurch
    • New Life is upon us!  It's the nest of Morning Doves.  They usually lay two eggs and take about two weeks to hatch and then about two weeks to fly!  The changing of the guard (sitting on the eggs) between the parents is fun to watch.  One stays on the nest all day and one sits all night.  And they both worry about me and I worry about both of them.  But in the end, God knows how to bring New Life.  Can't wait for Resurrection Morning!  #countdown #newlife #morningdoves #easter #shepherdchurch
    • Christian Church in Egypt was targeted by Isis suicide bombers and 47 Christians were massacred on Palm Sunday.  Praying for them and the persecuted church around the world.  #palmsunday #persecutedchurch #copticchristians #evilexist #alllivesmatter #comesoonLordJesus thank you @comediannazereth for photo
    • My main man.  The legend. The preaching machine.  The rock and the roll.  The Orator.  Like thunder and fire.  The proclaimer.  The one that speaks with passion and conviction.  The one who will not tickle your ears but will boldly preach all of God's Word.  The one and only.....Dr Jerry Taylor preaching on "IT IS FINISHED." Dont miss @shepherdchurch @shepherdwestside @shepherdwestvalley @shepherdaguadulce.  You will experience the annointing of God!  #preachingmachine #manofGod #shepherdchurch #hopeforall #itisfinished #3daysthatchangedtheworld

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Three Days that Changed the World

There has never been an event in history that has so drastically and irreversibly changed the entire world like Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. No leader in power, no technological advancement or invention, no war or victory, no speech or political march has ever made such an indelible mark on all of humanity as the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross. Allow me to explain why: First, despite all our advancements and improvements…

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Calming Your Storm

Recently we had the biggest storm in five years in Southern California. Almost 10 inches of relentless rain fell in one day, along with high winds and flooding in several areas. It’s hard to imagine a storm like this would have been possible in our sunny city, but once you’re in the midst of it, it can seem like there is no end in sight. You may wonder if the storm will ever end. Perhaps…

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