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    • Look at this photo taken by a former @shepherdchurch Pastor @photopreach.  I told him both him and God were amazing!  Be sure to follow Pastor Dave on Instagram to get more incredible photo’s like this epic shot!  #daveflaig #photopreach #someguyshavemadskillz. Be sure to follow @photopreach
    • This is from a video from #Jiggyjayce one year old birthday celebration.  In this video is @777renee @iamianfrancis @kaylafrancisla @kerribrett @dallasrutherford @missedtheark Vicki Ross, and so it’s a gathering of family and close friends.  I think about the blessing of God and praying that each of you know that God is Love and without Him we wouldn’t know love.  I thank the Lord for his blessing and count each of you as a part of my family and the object of my love!  But that in itself is all because of a Holy God.  Hugs and kisses from our family to yours!
    • The Lord is good!  Isaiah 40:31 #wingsofaneagle #santamonca #sunshine #renewal #seeyouat6:00pm #shepherdsports @stevejurado78 @tim5356 @gracebirgel
    • Congratulations to @hcs_warriors defeating @oakschristianschool tonight in a playoff game!  Both teams played hard and competed with character!  I was impressed with the amount of talented players on both squads.  Mr K, Timbo and Rocket Rod were all in attendance.  It was a fun night and if you get a chance keep rooting for the warriors!  #heritagehighschool #heritagechristianhighschool #boysbasketball #hoops #basketball #highschoolsports #playoffs #betterthanthesuperbowl
    • Four cartoons to brighten your day!  Which one is your favorite???!!?!!! #cartoon #laughter #joy #smile #nofrownday #medicine #blessing TAG A FRIEND who needs a good lift!
    • @MagicJohnson!! Don’t trade the young guys for AD!  You are giving up your long term future for a brief run.  @KingJames is on #loadmanagement and so the win now mandate can wait.  Give #lukewalton a healthy squad and let free agent join next year and you can win it all.  #lakeshow⁠ ⁠ @lakers @CariChampion #dontdoit #keeptheyoungcore @markjackson @chrisbroussard68 @kdubblive
    • #Del #inferno hot sauce  is a good thing on a burrito from Del Taco but it’s a bad thing in Eternity.  Make sure you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you can enjoy all the salsa you desire!  #deltaco #jesus #eternity #hotsauce #delinferno #salvation #oneminutesermon #lunchlesson #parable
    • My little guy hurt his leg! :(. He is going to be ok!  Not sure how it happened on the playground.  Doubt it will be his last trip to ER.  Praying for his little leg to heal quickly!  Not worried, just don’t like to see the #jiggyjayce cry.  Nor his mama.  #quickrecovery #grandson #ouch #bruinblue
    • A powerful statement in many different ways.  Your focus and attention will often dictate where you end up.  Who you choose to listen to for counsel will often shape the direction of your life.  Were it possible for you to completely understand what Christ did for you upon the cross, you would serve him with all of your heart!  We have all sinned, but through Christ, we have been given the hope and assurance of eternal life.  Thank you to my own son @the365movement for this post.  I often tell him, that he preaches to far more people than me each weekend.  #peoplearelistening #bible #wuote #jesus #oneminutesermon
    • Talking about working out and actually working out are two different things entirely.  Just like claiming to be a Christian and living it out are two different things as well.  Instead of always looking for the shortcut, and I will  admit this is a funny quote, but Jesus asked up to pick up our cross daily, to deny ourself and to follow Him.  That road may be difficult and challenging at times, but once you pick up that cross, He will be with you every step of the way.  Don’t name your dog Jesus so you can tell people that Jesus is always happy to see you.  Instead, get to know the real Jesus and you’ll be able to tell people he is your best and closest friend.  #oneminutesermon #pastordudley #shepherdchurch #losangeles #funnysign #ilovela.  Posting this at 2:42 a.m. to see who is actually awake at this time of the morning.  Ha!

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What Will Heaven Be Like?

Heaven is not a figment of someone’s imagination or a mystical fairy tale. It is as real as the world you and I live in right now. When you try to imagine this glorious city, what do you think of? Fluffy clouds? Angels strumming harps? Philadelphia Cream Cheese? No, no, no. Forget about what you’ve seen in commercials, movies, and television. Let’s look to God’s Word, the Bible, for the truth about Heaven. Here are…

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What Does Eternity Really Mean?

I had the privilege of attending the Summer Olympic Games in China  in 2008, and while I was there, my mind kept coming back to this one thought.  It wasn’t the fanfare or the excitement — nor the gold medals or records broken — but the droves of people wandering around Beijing who did not know the name of Jesus. My heart was burdened by the reality that most of the people who surrounded me…

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