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One Thing to Know When Someone Asks You About Jesus

When someone asks you questions about your faith, does your heart start to pound or do your palms get sweaty? Does it suddenly feel as though your mind goes blank or that you’ve become paralyzed by the fear of saying the wrong thing? Sharing our faith is surprisingly simple, but sometimes we can get deterred by anxiety or uncertainty. In our conversations, we can get caught up in the weeds, so to speak, when we…

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One Thing to Focus on as Christians

Most people don’t remember who won the 400m semi-final at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. They do, however, remember an incredibly moving moment between a father and a son. As 65,000 spectators gathered in the stands, Derek Redmond passed 250 meters at the seventeen-second mark and suddenly felt a pop in his hamstring. He went down and stayed down for nearly 30 seconds as his competitors sprinted toward the finish line. Soon, officials crouched…

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