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    • Hope everyone #turnip 4 church this weekend!  Topic:  Suffering for Doing Good.  Ever feel like the world keeps beating you down?  Well, we are victorious and having nothing to fear!  #shepherdchurch #churchsign #humor #loveGodlovepeople #amen
    • Do you have hope?  Do you have faith? 
Jesus will give you hope if you put your faith in Him.  The world will not prevail.  In Christ we are victorious.  We are more than conquerors.  If you have Jesus, you have nothing to fear.
    • My friend @adamhousley found this Bible in the rubble of the hurricane aftermath.  God's word is everlasting.  We need to continue to pray for people who lost everything in the hurricanes and the earthquakes in Mexico.  These are difficult days!  Prayers for all. #eyeofthehurrican #prayingformexico #irma #jose #maria #katrina #mexico #godsword #holybible
    • Anytime I get together with @davestone920 we only have one topic of discussion that matters.  That topic is the well being and love we have for our sons @sam_rock_stone and @the365movement.  #fatherswholovetheirsons #southeastchristianchurch #shepherdchurch
    • Coach Wooden used to say you've never lived a perfect day until you have done something for someone  who could never possibly repay you.  Why not start today?  Looking for someone to bless or serve who cannot ever repay you.  #wordstoliveby #coachwooden #shepherdchurch #quote #loveGodlovepeople #helppeople #honoroneanother
    • 95th floor view of Chicago.  A great city in warm weather during the summer months.  Praying for Jesus to touch this city with his love and grace.  The main fault with this town is lack of Mexican food.  Just another reason to get back to LA soon.  #chicago #behomesoon
    • In Chicago for some meetings for two days.  All to do with leadership and leading @shepherdchurch with the Lords direction and blessing.  Rubbing shoulders with Pastors all over America that are world changers.  @tim_liston @aaronbrockett @davestone920 @tcamhux @bencachiaras @geneappel @tlharlow @shanephilip @chuckbooher #chitown #chicagoisniceinwarmweather
    • Every tear that falls, every pain that hurts, every prayer that is prayed, every worry that burdens and every heart that beats.  He has you in the palm of His hand!  Feel free to go to sleep now. :). #Quote #biblequote #castyourcaresonhim #jesuscares
    • @twinters77 Where is your spandex?  We went to Santa Momca this Morning.  I don't know where @davidpump7 and @dana_pump were.  44 miles and 18.5 MPH.  Come join us.
    • Thanks to @philcooke for helping with our LIFT UP JESUS . Com video team to produce content that offers #hopeforall.  Liftupjesus.com has content and resources.  Watch or become a prayer partner today!  #unleashedfortheunreached #gracedtooffergrace.  #liftupjesus #liftupjesus.tv #betterthancnn #betterthanfox

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Diversity in the Church: Christ’s Love for All

One way that Christians can demonstrate their love for Christ is by how they love people—all kinds of people.  Not just those who look like us or speak our language, but also those who come from different social and cultural backgrounds.  According to Ed Stetzer, a Christian pastor and missiologist, diverse churches remain rare.  He said, “Everybody wants diversity, but many don’t want to be around people who are different.” The early Christian churches were…

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Hope for Relationships

Relationships are the building blocks of humanity. They can elicit overwhelming joy, such as the special bond between parent and child or the enduring love between a husband and wife.  However, the breakdown of relationships—seen across the ages and across the world—can cause unbearable devastation. Couples divorce, family members become estranged, siblings fight, and longtime friendships dissolve bitterly. Yet, God has created within every man and woman the desire to form lasting, loving, and meaningful…

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