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    • Got it? Get it? Good!
    • When one color stands with another color it becomes even more beautiful.  We need leaders and people of all colors to work together, to stand with one another and to serve one another.  #endracism #stopthedivision #worktogether #joinus #dreamofdestiny #dreamofdestiny.com #shepherdchurch
    • The 10 commandments!  Where was Phil?  @shepherdchurch. Services on Sunday at #AquaDulce, #westvalley #westla #westside #porterranch check it out on line at www.liftupjesus.com
    • Stopped by the @shepherd_sports softball tourney today.  Love supporting @shepherdaguadulce @shepherdchurch @shepherdchurchwestvalley @shepherdchurchwestside with @sjurado78 @tim5356 @kenrobins  @spoken_wheel @gracebirgel dad. :) @kaylafrancisla
    • Dancing with the desert.  41 miles of wilderness and canyons.  A perfect day.  No really, a perfect day!  #boxcanyon #cochella #whereisphill #bandofbrothers #cyclinglife #cyclingshots #wheredidjustinego
    • My beautiful daughter @kaylafrancisla and my beautiful father after having s surgery to help him see better.  For a minute I thought @mannypacquiao had gotten hold of him. 😁. But dad is doing great after his checkup today at #ucla.  Thank you for all your prayers!  #favoritedad #bestdad #nopainnogain #wherearemysunglasses
    • In our darkest hour there is always hope in the Lord.  Never will he leave or forsake you.  He loves you. He wants to be with you.  He longs for you.  Turn to Jesus today !  #faithmatters #hopematters #allthingsnew #stars
    • Get the first three commandments down and you rest fall into place.  Guard your heart and what comes out of your mouth will honor YHWH.  #heart #10commandments #honorhisname  #ourwordsmatter  #sunday #honor #sermonnotes
    • Praise the NAME of Jesus!  Will be speaking this weekend on commandment number 3.  Honoring the name of the Lord @shepherdchurch. #victory #salvation #thename
    • Hope to see you this weekend as we talk about JESUS!!! We will not be talking about stop, drop and roll.  10-4 @shepherdchurch @shepherdchurchwestvalley @shepherdchurchwestside @shepherdaguadulce

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Warning Signs: Do Not Worship Idols

It seems as though there are warning signs wherever we turn. We see them on food labels warning us of possible allergens; on traffic signs cautioning us about adverse road conditions; and on most products advising us against improper use. I once saw a sticker on a windshield visor that read, “Warning: Do not drive with sunshade in place!” Though we are inundated with warnings, the purpose of these warnings is for our protection—even the…

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You Are Not Defined by Your Mistakes

Making mistakes is an unavoidable hazard in life.  As humans, whether by ignorance or insolence, we make decisions or statements we later regret.  However, what is most important in these situations is how we respond to our sins or mistakes.  In addition to making efforts to rectify our error, we should also introspectively reflect on the causes of our error in the first place.  In those times we may hear two voices—one of condemnation and…

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Love God. Love People.

Many people are familiar with the Ten Commandments, but did you know there are actually 613 laws in the Old Testament of the Bible? Most of us cannot even name seven of the Ten Commandments, let alone summarize the mitzvot—the 613 commandments found in the Torah concerning worship, rituals, sacrifices, judgments, lawsuits, dietary laws, business, how we treat others, and more. The good news is that Jesus, God’s one and only Son, came to fulfill…

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