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    • A GREAT father’s day hanging with the GREATEST DAD EVER!  H Dean Rutherford @crosscity_fresno #sundayfunday #fathersdayweekend
    • Saturday morning #Pillars Cafe.  A great way to start the day!  @pillarscafe @shepherdchurch
    • A great word from @milesmcpherson and be sure to read James Chapter 1 in your Bibles.  If you don’t have a Bible then google James Chapter 1 and you WILL be blessed with Wisdom that comes from the Lord!  #wisdom #10secondsermon #oneminutesermon #james1 #maturity #losangeles #shepherdchurch
    • People want to know the SECRET to writing sermons.  Well, here it is.  This is my assistant.  #JayceWest is helping me organize my sermon notes this morning.  It promises to be a great week at church this weekend for our Compelled Sermon Series.  Hope you are preparing your hearts right now.  #compelled #compelledbook #compelledsermonseries #shepherdchurch #sermonwriting #sermon #churchlife #papacoach #grandson #tooblessedtobestressed #mrfantastic
    • Now THIS is a Godly Dog!  #compelled #compelledbook #sermonseries #evangelism #alldogsgotoheaven
    • Last week’s message on Prayer and the Holy Spirit.  Hope to see you this week for part three of our #COMPELLED series.  We will be discussing “Divine Appointments”. You don’t want to miss YOUR appointment with the King of Kings!  #shepherdchurch #compelledseries #compelledbook #liftupjesus #evangelism. Thank you @cluv5jbs 5jbs for photo
    • WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T KNOW @shepherdchurch HAS A SATURDAY SERVICE?  IT STARTS AT 6:00 PM EVERY WEEKEND!  #comeon #churchquote #nbaplayoffs #nbarefs #labron #labronquote #shepherdchurch
    • Getting ready to ride with @shepherd_sports from @pillarscafe in Porter Ranch to Santa Monica and back.  Robbie J in green is a lean mean fighting machine.  #compelled praying for God to lead me today to someone  that I can share Christ and perhaps invite to church.  #prayforanopendoor
    • Hmmmmmmm.
    • I sat in this restaurant and could NOT believe how many people were buying marijuana from the shop next door. I don’t mind a donut about twice a year, but come on people....

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How Christians Can Live a Life with No Regrets

Life is full of many different pursuits and possible achievements, but as followers of Christ, how do we live our lives to reach our full potential so that, in the end, we will have no regrets? I will never forget something an elder in our church told me right before he died. He had served the congregation faithfully for sixty years, and as his frail body prepared to step into eternity, he told me, “Dudley,…

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How Can We Become Bold to Share the Truth?

When I was nineteen years old, I preached at a little church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The church only had about forty people, most of whom were elderly. Of those forty members, only one was younger than me. I would love to say we had a youth group, but in reality, it was more like a “youth kid.” I was just starting college in Missouri, so I had to drive about two hours every weekend to…

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