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    • @wesso_96 #96 for the #carolinapanthers  and former #usc player Wes Horton stepping up in a big way for Jesus!  Praying for you Wes and very very very proud of you!!!!!! #Revival17
    • Hebrew 10:11.  Hmmmmmmm mmmmmm good!  TAG SOMEONE WHO WOULD BE ENCOURAGED BY THIS VERSE. #godisgood #biblepost #oneminutesermon #jesussaves #salvation #pastordudley #shepherdchurch
    • All is well in the world when you get home and your grandson is hanging out with you.  Batteries are recharging in my old heart.  #grandson #jaycewest #papacoach
    • Revival17 is in the books.  As I mentioned last night, that my heart was overflowing with the Spirit of God each night.  I want to keep the fire burning and never quench the Spirit of God.  Let's thank @canonjjohn and @ihoughton and Risen Choir along with the staff, volunteers and worship team for an amazing week.  Hope to do a live re-cap at 11:00 today on Facebook.  But again, thank you everyone who prayed, supported and attended.  Love you.
    • So many decisions tonight at our final night of #Revival17 @shepherdchurch .  @canonjjohn has a true ability and passion for evangelism.  His sermon tonight was so compelling.  This week was beyond anything I have ever experienced.  Thank you to #risenchoir @ihoughton #shepherdworshipteam and all who made this week possible.  After the service JJohn fell to the ground and thanked the Lord for the people who stepped forward in this picture.  Thank you Jesus for the many who decided to follow you!!!!!!
    • A message from @adriennebailon to @kerribrett @shepherdchurch #Revival17 love you Kerri.  #cheetahgirls #thereal
    • One night to go!  @canonjjohn will close out our fall #revival17 and @ihoughton will be performing with our Risen Gospel Choir and @nikkolowe_a.  My heart is sooooooooo full.  #shepherdchurch @shepherdchurch
    • Breakfast before the sun comes up on Ventura Blvd.  Didn't get home till after midnight last night!  The #Revival17 has been aaammaazzzzzziiiinnnggggg!  Who can sleep when you have been set aflame by the gospel of Jesus Christ!  #turnthepage
    • @carllentz and @ihoughton and @shepherdchurch were rocking tonight.  Turn the Page.  I Cor 13.  Not every fight is your fight, but you need to be found, fighting the right fight.  Realize that God will always do more than you think, so don't give up, ever!  And Carl cowrote Jesus Be The Center of it all and is secretly a Lakers Fan.  #revival17
    • @carllentz is in the house!  Get ready for God to speak into your life and UNBUCKLE  your seatbelts!!!! #revival17

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Three Things to Hold on to in the Middle of the Storm

Life has its peaks and valleys, its hardships and troubles. If you are going through a difficult time, or are feeling like a stranger in the world, you will find great comfort in the book of 1 Peter in the New Testament of the Bible. It is a letter that the apostle Peter wrote to believers in the first century who were being persecuted for their faith. From this letter, we can garner three reliable,…

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Diversity in the Church: Christ’s Love for All

One way that Christians can demonstrate their love for Christ is by how they love people—all kinds of people.  Not just those who look like us or speak our language, but also those who come from different social and cultural backgrounds.  According to Ed Stetzer, a Christian pastor and missiologist, diverse churches remain rare.  He said, “Everybody wants diversity, but many don’t want to be around people who are different.” The early Christian churches were…

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