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    • People are sooooo excited over the eclipse.  But the real story is the God who holds the stars in the palm of His hand and who knows them by name.  Be amazed at the creator and sustainer of the universe.  He cares for you!  This eclipse stuff is his handiwork and so are you!  #eclipse #eclipse2017 #themoonthesunandstars #shepherdchurch @shepherdchurch
    • This is the last weekend of our #nike series @shepherdchurch.  Blessed to have my brother @dbirdrutherford from Fresno preaching for us.  I will be there next weekend to begin a new series through I Peter.  Back to school. Back to Church!  #brotherlylove
    • Don't act like you didn't at least smile when you figured out this post.  Thanks to my niece @abbyklife for the humor and we all know the world could use a little humor.  #firstdayofschool #funny #backtoschool #yesicriedwhenmychildrenfirstwenttoschool
    • LAX Baggage Claim Baby!!!!!! If you don't LOVE people this is NOT your town.  If you LOVE people, you might as well join our parade.  #lovegodlovepeople #LAX #AA #homesweethome #anywageronwhenigetoutofhere? #alcatraz
    • Couldn't resist.  Thanks to @memesofchurch for the good humor.
    • Started a NEW Instagram called "Hug Another Race". Asking for people to post pictures and stories of people loving other people regardless of their color or nationality.  Point being, there are FAR MORE people who love and care for one another than those who spread hate and fear.  Let's be bold in our love and unity and drown out the noise from those who are prejudice against one another.  Who will you hug today?????? #huganotherrace #huganotherraceday #oneinchrist #loveoneanother #drjerrytaylor #hugsarefree #nomoreracism FOLLOW, SHARE AND TAG SOMEONE. @huganotherrace
    • Get this WORD from @geneappel in your heart!
    • Thank you to @kaylafrancisla for this post!  The louder hatred and evil become..... the more lavish our love shall be!
    • Fully agree with @milesmcpherson.  God must be hurting as he watches his creation continue to allow evil in their hearts.  We stand together against all forms of racism and division.  The world needs Jesus.  Those of us in the church must be diligent in Loving God and Loving People.  You can not do one without the other!
    • Cast all your cares on Jesus!  He is more concerned about you and your situation than you will ever know.  You can either carry that burden alone or you can give it to Him.  #jesuscares #noworry #worrynomore #jesuslovesyou #timetohanditovertojesus

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Hope for Relationships

Relationships are the building blocks of humanity. They can elicit overwhelming joy, such as the special bond between parent and child or the enduring love between a husband and wife.  However, the breakdown of relationships—seen across the ages and across the world—can cause unbearable devastation. Couples divorce, family members become estranged, siblings fight, and longtime friendships dissolve bitterly. Yet, God has created within every man and woman the desire to form lasting, loving, and meaningful…

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5 Ways to Honor God Today

Revelation chapter 4 describes a remarkable scene in heaven. Twenty-four elders are gathered around the throne room of God, worshiping God and laying their crowns down before Him. They proclaim, “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being” (Revelation 4:10-11). The Bible says that one day all people will bow down to the…

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