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    • Worship team is ready to go and it’s 30 minutes before church starts and some folks are already in their seats.  The early bird gets the worm.  One of our best services of the year, Thanksgiving weekend where our offering goes to people serving around the globe!  See you in a few! @shepherdchurch If you live in #Losangeles #westla #westvalley #aguadulce #porterranch I would make my way to church at 9:00 or 11:00.
    • Just in case you missed it!!! Ha!
    • #8clap #bruins #ucla #bruinsbeatusc #dontmesswiththebear
    • Early morning ride to Santa Monica is the fog!  A little 60 mile loop from the church.  Eventually the sun came up and God warmed us up.  Now on to church where God will continue to warm us up by his SON!  #certaintyofeternity  #onemonthtolive #theharvestisplentiful #santamonica #westside #porterranch @shepherdchurch #foggymorning #shepherdsports #thevalley #pacificocean @georgeta007 photocred #ontochurch #seeyousoon #cervelor5
    • 7:00 a.m. Bible Study!  Starting the weekend out in a perfect note.  Iron sharpens iron and the Word of God is alive!  Will see you this weekend @shepherdchurch @shepherdaguadulce @shepherdchurchwestside @shepherdchurchwestvalley
    • It IS Thanksgiving and we should ALL be thankful!  And, it is with great pleasure that the parents of #jiggyjayce @kaylafrancisla @iamianfrancis announced that my grandson is going to be a big brother to twins!!!!! Yes!!!! We are all excited to show you a picture of the two new grand babies.  On our way to a starting 5.  Praying for these two peanuts and crazy happy for these two new babies!!! #grandchildrenarethebest #lovejesusloveyourgrandchildren #bigbrother
    • This picture captures a story of firefighters who have spent every ounce of energy trying to save lives and properties from the raging fires in California.  And they do it at great risk and great sacrifice.  They are by all definitions “Our Hero’s.” Pray for them, encourage them, help them and honor them.  I don’t know how they do it except they truly care and are committed to serving our communities.  From the depths of our hearts we thank you and we are blessed by your service.  #firefighters #woolseyfire #campfire #simi #thousandoaks #california #californiafires #updates #sacrifice #commitment #love #grateful
    • Ajai Lall, LAPD, Jiggy Jayce and Veteran’s Day.  Just another perfect day @shepherdchurch!
    • Veterans, ALL Veterans.  We, the citizens of the United States of America, thank you for your service and sacrifice.  We are ALL indebted to you!  May God be with you, each and everyday, and with our freedom may be always seek to do the right thing and help one another and serve one another as you have served us!  #veteransday #flagrespect #usa
    • PRAYING!!!

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Boldness to Share Your Faith Begins with Humility

When you become a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), God wants to give you a brand-new perspective, a promising future, and an everlasting hope. One important byproduct of this awesome transformation is a new wardrobe as well! What I mean is this: You exchange your old, dirty, raggedy clothes—which represents your former and sinful ways—for clean, gleaming, new clothes—which represents your justification and sanctification through Christ. But instead of trendy styles or expensive…

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