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    • Preaching on the subject of the “Boy and his Lunchbox” this weekend @shepherdchurch and then hosting a #MicasaLA concert Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. with @evancraft to help raise funds for the homeless in our valley.  #hopeofthevalley
    • Last weekend, I preached for my brother @dbirdrutherford at his church @crosscity_fresno for Mother’s Day.  We had great crowds and such a wonderful spirit in that church.  If you are in the Fresno area go check out Cross City Church on nees ave.  Mom and dad were both doing well and thank you to @drkojoglanian for preaching here @shepherdchurch.  I am excited to be back in the pulpit here at Shepherd Church this weekend as we continue our series on the “Power of One.” #preaching #life #churchlife #preacher #mothersday #crosscity #cross #crosscitychurch #shepherdchurch #thepowerofone
    • Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother, Pattie.  She raised 5 of the craziest kids on the planet, plus putting up with dad all these years .  She is 87 years young and still leads a life group in her church each week, plus attends two church services each weekend.  She has listened to more sermons than anyone and probably could be a professor of Bible with her knowledge of the word.  I want to pray and send a blessing to all of the mothers in this world.  None of us would be here without you!!!!! Also my love goes out to my beautiful wife, daughter and mother-in-law for also being the best of the best.  You four mean the world to me and to all of your children.  But what the world really needs are more grand babies!!!!!!!! Thank you Mom for leading and mentoring us in the things of God.  #mothersday #mothers #motherhood #mom #daytogivethanks
    • New Series Starting on Mother’s Day weekend!  Today it’s Deborah and her Calling!  God has a calling upon each of us!  Right, @drkojoglanian?
    • #Americanairlines So, I am at the DFW airport this morning at 10:15 a.m for an 11:45 a.m. flight.  After multiple delays they finally get us on the airplane ONLY to de-plane us.  Everyone off!  It’s now almost 6:00 p.m. and no word on how we are getting home.  Before I exited the plane I videotaped how they do luggage in the Dallas terminal.  Can anyone see why this is crazy?  I really believe that at times they view us, (the customer) as fools.  And I might be the biggest fool.  Hopefully, one day I will make it back to L.A.  #travelday #traveltorture #why #whywhy #whywhywhy #dfw #lax #burbank @americanair
    • It was a whirlwind of a trip to Dallas to film an interview on @daystar with @marcuslamb @jonilamb and then to do the @tgrdaystar (the green room) with @jonathan.lamb and @suzy.lamb.  They were such gracious host and on world....wide....television we were able to talk about racial diversity, the church, evangelism and of course my book #compelled.  People called in from all over the globe and turned in names of loved ones and friends who they desire to see saved.  We know that Jesus is the one who saves and I was able to preach a 10 minute sermon (yes, you heard that right) about how Jesus is the name above every other name and the ONLY name by which we can be saved.  Thank you Marcus, Joni, Jonathan and Suzy for the opportunity of a lifetime.  May we all continue to lift Jesus up before the world!  #compelledbook #liftupjesus #liftipjesus.com
    • Would covet your prayers as I am about to be interviewed on the Marcus and Joni program on Daystar network.  Check local station guide.  They invited me to talk about the book #compelled and to preach about Jesus!  #compelledbook #daystar @daystartv #liftupjesus #liftupjesus.com #dallastexas @marcuslamb @jonilamb @daystar
    • These “Five” blessed our entire church family this weekend by team teaching through I Timothy 4:12.  It was very inspiring to see God’s hand upon them as they took us through the text!  So proud of each of them, their parents and all who helped shape their lives for this moment.  Keep praying for their future as they help reach their generation for Christ!  @shepherdchurch @michael_d_johnson @caleb_walden @noelanijones @levvbure @adriannalizett
    • Love the cross!  Without it we would all be lost!  Thank you JESUS!!!!
    • Part of the Easter Recap Video from last weekend!  God moved mightily and the aisles were full of people who came to make Jesus Lord of all!  #heisrisen #easter2019 #shepherdchurch #jesus #jesusisalive

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