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    • Blessed to stop in Fresno today to see my parents for lunch.  Dad is such a determined yet funny person who never stops searching for that next illustration to lead someone closer to Christ.  Mom is part angel and was off to a ladies bible study at church.  Treasure every moment with your parents. ͏Li͏f͏e is filled with twist and turns.  Love ❤️ you mom and dad!  #lovemyfolks #rosebetweentwothorns
    • @patrickbetdavid reveals another reason why he is a man on a mission.  In business, sports, marriage or life the spoils go to the one who perseveres regardless of the critics or the culture.  We can always learn from anyone if we look for the value and wisdom from those who are venting.  There’s always a little truth and a little nugget of advice to heed in most complaints.  Be ye NOT discouraged.  Look for the lesson to be learned.  #patrickbetdavid #valuetainment #inmontereywhereitallbegan #heartofachampion #walrustalk #insidejoke
    • Los Angeles Men’s Gathering.  This Saturday @shepherdchurch.  Register at KKLA.com.  A perfect opportunity for you to be sharpened and encouraged.  Brian Bosworth, JPJohnes, Frank Sontag, Michael Franzese, Remi Adeleke and Dr Victor Nolen.  Hope every man in LA attends.  A life changing day!  @mjfrazese @remiadeleke @pastorjpjones @@gotboz44 @frankmsontag #ironsharpeningiron #lifechange #warriors #godlymen #betterhusbands #betterfathers #bettermen #leadership #bible #jesus #porterranch #thissaturday
    • #olympics #jaycewest #hairtodiefor #babychat
    • Spoke at the NBA All Star chapel this morning and was able to chat a bit with Rosie Greer.  He is a man of faith, a great friend of Pastor Jack Hayford and has done a lot of work in the city of LA for those who are having difficult times.  Former #nfllegend #rams #losangelesrams.  Blessings to him and everyone involved in making a difference for Jesus in this city.  #30cities #ilovela #allstargame #chapelservice #nbaallstarchapel #rosiegreer #patwilliams @nikkolowe_a
    • Another reason to visit #Hobbylobby.  Where else do you find signs that encourage and are scriptural?  #favoritestore #stevegreen #shopping
    • The Valentine girls of my life.  They melt and steal my heart everyday.  God knew what he was doing surrounding me with such Godly and beautiful women.  Love you more than all the stars in the sky.  #forever #family #love #sorrydallas,ian,Noah,Jayce #youtooaremyvalentines
    • Had no concerns with security this past weekend @shepherdchurch with @lamonicagarrett aka “Mike Ritter” of #designatedsurvivorabc being in the service.  Blessed to meet his family and to know he is grounded in his faith and love for the Lord.  Keep him in your prayers.  #secretserviceagent #thenextjamesbond #ironsharpeningiron #lamonicagarrett #lovethisbrother #actor #baldmenrule
    • Today a dear friend John “Johnny Foil” Birk took his last ride here in the valley before he and his wife Leslie move to Texas.  @seriouscycling and @shepherd_sports joined groups at the start of the ride to say good bye and to pray over John.  We will miss them both and praying God will bless their move.  #seriouscycling #shepherdchurch #shepherdchurch #hurryback #friendsforlife #cyclingcircles #cyclingvideo #cyclingshot #rosecafe #santamonica #northridge #porterranch #outdoorsisfree
    • The kid is a professional charmer!

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Three Things that are Eternal

There’s an old expression that “all good things must come to an end.” But whether good or bad, everything in life is temporary. Seasons change. Cars break down. Houses eventually become dilapidated. Fabric tears and gets worn out. Metal rusts. Our bodies, though remarkably resilient, are also quite fragile and inevitably succumb to mortality. Careers conclude and relationships dissolve. Is there anything in this universe that we can count on to last forever? The Bible…

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The Promise of Eternity

Have you ever broken a promise to someone? Has someone ever broken their promise to you? The sad reality is that human beings make and break promises all the time. “I’ll be there, I promise.” “I promise to love you always, for better or for worse.” “I promise never to do that again.” “I’ll take you there someday, I promise.” Unfortunately, every broken promise makes us more and more skeptical because broken promises equals broken…

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