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    • Week two of a 7 week series coming up this weekend @shepherdchurch.  What does it mean to love God?
    • Morning time alone with the God of creation.  The creation gives glory to the creator.  #maywedothesame
    • Best use of time.  Talking to our Heavenly Father. #prayerworks #prayer #nevertoobusy
    • @shepherdchurch post of the weekend by @valerieffic.  She's back!!!!!!!!! It was a blessed weekend and praying that we never doubt the character of God.  He has never failed us and he never will.  #thesameyesterdaytodayandforever
    • New Worship facility for our @shepherdchurchwestvalley Campus.  We have been leasing a school for Sunday only, but now we will have use of this facility 7 days a week.  Great job to the West Valley campus and @coachmike91 and staff.  Remodeling should be complete before Easter.  #desotoavenue #westvalley #shepherdchurch #shepherdchurchwestvalley
    • The last few lines of the Gospel of Matthew tells us that the Lord will be with us forever.  We never have to doubt his presence in our lives as believers.  The struggles will be real, but HE is GREATER than our struggle.  Keep those eyes on Jesus.  He will be with you every step of the way.  #TAG someone who needs this encouragement
    • Video of new worship facility from the freeway.  200,000 people driving by everyday.  Hope every one of them will stop and hear the Gospel.  #praying #dreaming #miracleinthemaking #118freeway #porterranch
    • Repost of the week.... Again by @cluv5jbs.  She does a great job every weekend of summarizing the sermon.  Hope it a blessing to you.  #nomoreleftovers. #goddeservesourverybest #bringyourAgame #lovegodlovepeople
    • This picture will be part of the sermon this weekend @shepherdchurch @shepherdchurchwestvalley @shepherdchurchwestside @shepherdaguadulce.  #seeyouatchurch
    • Coffee on top of #parkermesa.  Thank you @kenrobins and @sjurado78 and the Lord!

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Love God. Love People.

Many people are familiar with the Ten Commandments, but did you know there are actually 613 laws in the Old Testament of the Bible? Most of us cannot even name seven of the Ten Commandments, let alone summarize the mitzvot—the 613 commandments found in the Torah concerning worship, rituals, sacrifices, judgments, lawsuits, dietary laws, business, how we treat others, and more. The good news is that Jesus, God’s one and only Son, came to fulfill…

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Starting Over…Joyfully

Can you imagine if all of your debts were forgiven as soon as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Day? Car payments canceled. Student loans erased. Mortgage obligation eliminated. What freedom!  It would be like starting fresh or getting a new lease on life. But that would never happen in a million years, right? 24013566531_14ce34f997_o

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The Night Jesus was Born

The night Jesus was born, God gave us three extraordinary gifts. God’s first gift to us was love—a profound, intense, divine love. The almighty Creator of the universe set aside His magnificent power and glory and took on a human form to bring salvation to the world. “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal…

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