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    • Part II.  #jiggyjayce #bestgrandsonever @ the real movies.  Will end up watching this 1000 times in the next 30 days!  @iamianfrancis @kaylafrancisla @shepherdchurch #lionking #myownlittlesimba
    • Actually @ the Movies with the grandson!!!!!!!! #lionking #simba #grandson #jiggyjayce @kaylafrancisla @iamianfrancis #circleoflife #pleasemoregrandchildren
    • Wow!  What a week with the @shepherdchurch praise team having worship services here in Las Vegas!  A revival is about to break out in sin city!  If you know of anyone in the Las Vegas area  they are invited to the KA theatre on Friday night at 6:00 p.m. at the MGM Grand.  We will be having our final chapel service and serving the Lord’s supper and preaching on the cross!  Imagine the stories and the testimonies for Jesus that will be told!  Thanks to @pastormike91 @chesnisperos @todd_clark and the Shepherd team@for an incredible week.  Thank you to @mannypacquiao @jinkeepacquiao for their desire to lift up Jesus!!!!
    • Just wanted to tell you that I love you, and that God Loves You!  My love may help you in this life, but God’s Love is eternal and will save you in this life and in the next life!  John 3:16. #john3:16 #liftupjesus.com @liftupjesustv @shepherdchurch #Godislove
    • Hope YOU are ok!!!!! Shaking and shifting sand!!!!!!! Matthew 24!!!!! Earthquakes are so unsettling and it makes you realize how fragile life can be.  How fleeting life can be.  How important life can be.  How important having a savior can be!  #praying #earthquake #epicenter #therock #prayingnoonewashurt
    • The flag represents different things to different people.  And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  To me, personally, it represents first, and foremost freedom.  And secondly, it represents all the men and women who fought and or died for this freedom.  And because of this freedom, we are able to live, work, preach and teach the things of God.  Every week we gather to worship the Lord without persecution and we can lift up Jesus without it costing our lives, like in other parts of the world.  Granted, our nation is far from perfect, just like each of you reading this post.  But God has blessed this nation and our freedom to worship is one of our greatest blessings.  Therefore, we should always be grateful beyond words, but also in deeds for this abundance and privilege.  We should be mindful of God’s goodness and use our freedom to help the defenseless and to serve the poor and less fortunate.  We should honor Christ and tell the good news that Jesus saves and that he came to break the chains that bind.  We should never waste or demean the importance of our freedoms, nor should we ever side against injustice.  I am thankful for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and I am thankful to God for allowing me to live in the United States of America.  #independenceday #usa #flagrespect #foldsofhonor www.flagrespect.com
    • Just a few things coming up @shepherdchurch @shepherdchurchwestvalley @shepherdaguadulce @shepherd_sports @shepyouth @wearesya.  Hope you are ready for an amazing summer!!!!!!! #shepherd #shepherdchurch #liftupjesus #liftupjesus.com
    • @drkojoglanian aka The rapping doctor helped me with a heart test today on his birthday!  He  says the ticker looks fine except for a little afib.  But would you please go over to Dr Sams IG - Facebook page and wish him a happy birthday!!!!!!!! He blesses us with his preaching, his testimony, his books and his faith!!!! @drkojoglanian #drsam #menderofhearts @beaconofhearts7 #heart #hearttest #afib #heartisgood @shepherdchurch @truesthawaii #cardiologist #evangelist
    • This is baby #NIA.  She was one of 100 babies dedicated to the Lord on Friday night @shepherdchurch.  She was the next to the last family in line and for some reason, I think the Lord knew I was missing my grandson, she reached for me and wanted me to pick her up.  I picked her up, for some reason she wanted me to hold her.  I tried to give her back to her parents but she wanted to stay with me.  I told her parents I was adopting her and they could always have more children.  Lol.  Anyway, it was a grand evening dedicating the Shepherd babies to the Lord. Please keep baby Nia in your prayers along with all the others sweet babies. #bestchurchever #cutestbaby #shepherdchurch #babydedication #2019 #babynia
    • The Lord is a Strong Tower.  When everything around you is failing and falling make sure you look to the creator of the universe!  Upon this rock shall we stand!  #bible #biblequote #oneminutesermon Thanks to #rebuiltruins777 for post pic

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