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    • Make sure you have a friend or a guest with you this weekend.  Praying for YOU and YOUR FRIEND right now!!!!! @shepherdchurch @shepherdchurchwestvalley @shepherdaguadulce #friendday
    • Preaching is hard on the body!!!! :). #howeeroll #oneleggedpreacher #nopainnogain #drhartman #venturaorthopedics
    • Land, Ocean, Sun, Sand, Waves,  Beach, Wind, Creation!  #cycling #redondo #redondobeach #boardwalk #torrence #pch #cervelor5
    • Teaching and mentoring the grandson on some of the more important things in life.  #burgersandfries #inandout #grandson #mentoring #inandout #inandoutburgers
    • We will be welcoming all the Jr High and High School students and praying for them this weekend as they head back to school.  This is an important time to cover our children in prayer.  We will be doing this in all campuses and in all the services.  Let’s start this school year off in the right note!  With God’s anointing and blessing!  @shepherdchurchwestvalley @shepherdaguadulce @shepherdchurch @shepherd_sports @liftupjesustv
    • Church was such a blessing today!!!!!!!’ New Series!  #thisisus.  @preacherwalling was at his best!  Worship team brought us into the Lord’s presence.  The Word was preached and people left being challenged and touched by Spirit of God.  #shepherdchurch #ilovela @shepherdchurch
    • Last night was the award gala for a company started 10 years ago by my personal friend @patrickbetdavid who is the founder and CEO of @phpagency.  I have a history with Patrick of praying and counseling him through the start of his company, as well as performing his wedding and many other personal moments that two of us as friends have shared.  When he started his company he risked losing a lot of money and more importantly losing a lot of friends.  But he was destined to succeed as you can see close to 10,000 people at the company’s  ten-year anniversary.  During the event he interviewed Kobe Bryant and President George Bush.  In between those two interviews, he invited me to speak for a few minutes about faith and to introduce him before one of the segments.  He offered me a chance to speak for 10 to 15 minutes.  It was a real joy to encourage people at a secular event to open up their life to faith in Jesus.  I want to thank Patrick for allowing his Pastor/Friend (me) this incredible opportunity to share about faith.  Certainly a few critics may question my involvement or motivation, but my sole desire is to lift up Jesus in the secular world, in hopes, that one day all 10,000 of the convention attendees may have a personal relationship with Christ.  I am sure we planted a few seeds in hearts who wondered why a Pastor was asked to speak.  Not many secular organizations would ever allow a Pastor to speak at their awards gala, but I am thankful for Patrick NOT being just about making  money, but understands the value of faith, family and friendship in his company.  Hoping we can do it again next year!  @moneysmartguy @jfgaytan @valuetainment #PHPAgency #galaawards
    • Teaching the grandson how to wink!  #smarterthantheaveragedog #jiggyjayce
    • New Sermon Series that @preacherwalling kicks off this weekend @shepherdchurch. THIS IS US!  It’s who we are as a church as described in the book of Acts as we continue our pursuit to love our city as Jesus would love our city!  #thisisus
    • Part II.  #jiggyjayce #bestgrandsonever @ the real movies.  Will end up watching this 1000 times in the next 30 days!  @iamianfrancis @kaylafrancisla @shepherdchurch #lionking #myownlittlesimba

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Five Qualities of a Soul Winner

If there’s someone in your life with whom you’ve been wanting to share your faith, you might be held back by the thought that you need to be a Bible scholar, charismatic, extroverted, or extraordinarily brave or articulate. God doesn’t necessarily want you to be any of those things. Instead, He looks for these five qualities in a person so that, through them, God can bring the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ to others:…

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Taking the Fear and Mystery Out of Evangelism

Sharing your faith isn’t as complicated or scary as we tend to make it. The word evangelism can conjure up a variety of images and thoughts, ranging from world missions to flashy televangelists. Many faithful church members would answer, “Evangelism? Oh, that’s something our preacher does on Sunday morning.” Well, yes . . . and no. Many years ago, I heard one of the greatest definitions of evangelism, and to this day it has stuck…

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