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    • Our collective hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims in the shooting at Saugus High School.  Its difficult to understand how such things happen in our world today.  Oh, how we wish we never heard or experienced stories with so much pain as this story.  It’s a sign of a culture that had lost its way and solidifies our intentionality and need to point all people to Jesus because we know only Jesus can change man’s heart.  We grieve for those who are hurting tonight.  May the God of all comfort....comfort you...and may God’s word...continue to lead us unto all righteousness!  #prayforsaugus #hearts #prayers #Godsword #saugushighschool #saugus #pray #psalm119 #comfortableclothes
    • Heart is fully convicted and grateful to express sincere appreciated and love for all who served our Country.  1.5 million veterans living in USA today.  Let’s honor them for their sacrifice and for their willingness to serve our blessed nation.  #veteransday #freedom
    • A little Mexican food with @starla.818 and her three youngins in Greenville, South Carolina.  Margo worked on our staff and her and hubby Eddie are dearly missed.  @777renee and I enjoyed catching up and encouraging Margo to work on her attitude...... NOT!  #greenville #ontheborder #oldtimes
    • Stress is real. It can wear a person down. And every once in a while you must exhale.  Find the time and put it in your calendar to get away from everything and see God’s creation and breath deeply from all that He has created.  The heaven’s declare the glory of God and all that is in the world.  I am thankful for friends and family and for those who go through this life together, encouraging and sharpening one another.  The world is a big place and LA will sometimes get the best of you.  But take a walk, a hike, a bike ride, a boat ride or close your eyes and simply rest.  Lay all your worries in Jesus’ hands and when you get back to your normal life with it’s stressful ways, you will be stronger, wiser and better equipped to face the challenges of each day.  Thank you Lord for all that you have created and we will take note that every good and perfect gift comes from above.  #creation #rest #seasons #fall #takeahike #walking #blessing
    • A good word posted by @stephenbaldwin7.  Love his desire to make a difference in this world for Jesus!
    • Jesus LOVES L.A. !!!! Jesus saves.  Jesus cares.  Jesus redeems.  Tell your neighbor, your friend, your seat mate and the random stranger.  #deltaairlines #lax #faith #jesussaves #losangeles #marinadelrey #liftupjesus
    • With that extra hour of sleep you will have plenty of energy to make it to one of campuses as we study II Corinthians chapter 6 today @shepherdchurch @shepherdaguadulce @shepherdchurchwh
    • Even the good Shepherd has wheels!  #strava #shepherdchurch #porterranch #cerveloR5
    • Ready for the British Open!  #jiggyjayce #theopen #2041 #paynestewart
    • Life will throw you curve balls and an occasional knuckle ball.  When that happens it is always best to remember all the promises found in the Word if God.  We are going through fires, winds, trials and various storms.  God will always make a way through any impossible situation.  #fires #storms #trials #impossiblesituations #simivalley #easyfire #porterranch #trustingingod photo post cred @purechristianity

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When There’s Too Much to Say

From time to time, I will take a break from social media, knowing there are many important issues to discuss every week. Honestly, there are times when it’s too much—too many topics on which to voice opinions and concerns. As a pastor, I always have to pray and ask God whether or not I ought to comment on every political, social, and tragic story that hits the news. There are times I want to, but…

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Diversity in the Church: Christ’s Love for All

One way that Christians can demonstrate their love for Christ is by how they love people—all kinds of people.  Not just those who look like us or speak our language, but also those who come from different social and cultural backgrounds.  According to Ed Stetzer, a Christian pastor and researcher, diverse churches remain rare.  He wrote, “Everybody wants diversity, but many don’t want to be around people who are different.” The early Christian churches were…

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