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    • It really was a blessed weekend at Church this weekend.  Thank you to all of you who made it a priority and who come to worship and study God's Word.  #hopeforall #shepherdchurch @cluv5jbs
    • Calling upon on men in the greater Los Angeles area to join us for the next Men's gathering!! Looking forward to being with my dear friends @bishopulmer and @frankmsontag.  Contact KKLA for tickets.  See you there!!!!! #mensgathering #kkla @chrisbroussard68 @pastorsergiodlm
    • Had breakfast this morning with Sir Charles Paul aka @papapaul3.  His words and example lead me to be a better man, father and servant of Jesus.  No wonder his sons turned out so good.  @cjpaul14 and @cp3.  Before he left he told me concerning the church..."If the Church is alive, it's worth the drive." #wednesdaywisdom #shepherdchurch #fathersofNBA #clippers #hope #nba #thelittlecafe #venturablvd #worththedrive
    • Our theme for 2017 @shepherdchurch is HOPE FOR ALL.  Millions in Los Angeles and around the world are living daily without hope and they need the Living Hope mentioned in first Peter chapter 1.  Join our Shepherd family this year in reaching out to those who are hurting and together we can encourage and bless people from all walks of life as we point people to Jesus.  It's going to be quite the year.  See you this weekend!  #soulsearching #hopedealer #hopepusher #churchfamily #hopeforall #shepherdchurch #2017 #ilovemychurch #differencemaker #livinghope Thank you to those of you on board!
    • The codes say we have to provide bicycle racks near the new worship facility.  Hats off to some of our own @shepherdchurch members who personally built and installed these amazing bicycle racks near #PillarsCafe.  Good coffee, safe place to park bikes and a chance to hear the gospel.....a good combo!  #hopeforall  #shepherdchurch #porterranch #cyclingforcoffee #copavidacoffee
    • #hopeforall is our theme for 2017!  Thank you to all who attend @shepherdchurch and for those of you who will be intentional in pointing people to Jesus and reminding people of how much they are loved.  Its going to be an exciting year on so many levels.  Hope For All!  We will see many life changing moments over the next 12 months.  Thank-you for caring and for your involvement.
    • Cycling in the rain today was better than not cycling at all.  We need the rain in California and we are thankful for every drop.  Thank you Lord for the rain. Every single drop!  #rainmaker #bekindtoacyclist #garmin #specialized #mavic #LA #spokenwheel
    • So thankful to have my youngest daughter @kerribrett home from college break for a few days.  She is a Junior at Point Loma University, studying to be a worship leader.  This past summer she served as an intern @saddlebackchurch and @pastorrickwarren in their worship department.  This coming weekend, before she heads back to school, she will be helping out with our worship team @shepherdchurch.  She is an example of the many young people who have literally grown up in our church and now prepared for ministry in full time Christian service.  So blessed by our @shepyouth and @dustyfrizzell @pastormike5774 and staff as well as our Christian School @hcs_warriors for preparing young people to serve in God's Kingdom.  Our world is a better place because of you.  Anxious to share the platform this Saturday and Sunday as we share the theme and direction for #2017. A blessed man,  a blessed father and a blessed Pastor.  #fatherdaughter #worshiphonorsthelord #plnu
    • If you have tried the things of this world and they still leave you empty, try calling upon the name and person of Jesus.  He is the only thing that satisfies today and for all of eternity.  Do you want this year to be your best year ever?  Then let the one who is the Christ, the Son of the living God be your guide, your savior, your Lord and your redeemer.  #salvation2017 #ineedjesus #allthingsarepossible #jesus #shepherdchurch #sayyestojesus
    • Soccer Jesus is not a needed gift, nor a perfect gift, nor an eternal gift.  All I need for 2017 is King Jesus!  King Jesus is needed, He is perfect and He is Eternal.  Live everyday in 2017 serving Him with all of your heart!  #2017

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