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    • Hear ye! Hear ye!  One and all!  Join us this weekend as we celebrate the life changing and true story of the Resurrection of Jesus!  @shepherdaguadulce @shepherdchurch @shepherdwestvalley #resurrection #easter #2019 #invite #ilovela #ilovemychurch #israel #gardentomb #heisalive #theemptytomb
    • Will post Easter Services later but want to thank every single person who worked and served on stage and off stage in this years rendition of the passion play.  You blessed our city, our church and most importantly our Lord!  Thank you for pointing people to the cross and to the resurrection of Jesus!  I love each of you and proud of each of you.  Let me know how God spoke to you through this years Passion Play!  @shepherdchurch
    • A few days away from Easter services.  We have our final message in our “I love LA” series and final “passion play “ shows this weekend and then Resurrection weekend.  Invite, invite and invite.  Jesus would say , “verily , verily,” I say unto you, “invite”. He loves L.A. and so do we.  Let’s give them an invitation that will change their lives forever.  @shepherdchurch #iovela #jeffwalling #passionplay #jesusaves #shepherd #shepherdchurch #sya #easteratshepherd
    • A short spin, enjoying God’s world and back to the Bible getting ready for Easter message.  Refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired is a good combo!  The early bird gets the worm.  #indianwells #porterranch #cervelor5 #mph #dodgingcars
    • My heart overflows each weekend for those who step forward and surrender their life to Jesus!  It’s a narrow gate and a narrow road, but God will be with you every step of the way!  @shepherdchurch #liftupjesus
    • Love this post from @the700club and looking forward to preaching this weekend @shepherdchurch @shepherdchurchwestvalley @shepherdaguadulce.  Bring a Bible and a friend!  #weekends #church #ilovemychurch #ilovela #biblequote #oneminutesermon #sunday #fridayfeeling
    • #Jiggyjayce called to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday and I really didn’t understand what he was saying because I was too mesmerized by his dashing good looks!  Thank you to my number one and only grandson and to all of you other dashing good looking people with messy hair and left over food who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!  You really know how to cheer a fellow on and make him feel younger than normal. Blessings to each of you.  Let not your heart be troubled but trust in the Lord always!!!! # birthday #birthdaywishes #grandsonsrule #nothingbutanumber #forever #lovethatkid #lovethatsmile #papasboy
    • This weekend we continue our series called “I love L.A.” and the topic will be “Lessons in the Valleys”.
    • Big 30th for my one and only son, Sir Dallas James Rutherford.  The first 30 is always a roller coaster ride and the next 30 is time to get down to work!  And this son is a joy and a blessing to be around.  His heart for the Lord and his leadership gifts are off the charts!  Happy 30th son.  You make a dad proud!  #twinning #fatherson #big30 #30th #happybirthday #march11
    • Grace without truth is lacking. Truth without grace is lacking.  But grace and truth together? Now you have the basis for a fulfilling life here on this earth and the security of heaven in the next life.  May we be diligent in preaching truth and practicing grace!  #graceandtruth #truthwillsetyoufree #john8 #scripture #bible #quote #oneminutesermon photo cred @scripturetruth

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Fear is the biggest reason why we don’t get out of our comfort zone and tell others about Jesus. Maybe you envision something going horribly wrong once you speak up about what you believe. Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll fail. Or look foolish. Or do more harm than good. It’s true that any time we choose to share Jesus with others we risk being rejected. However, we cannot let fear rule over us because it will…

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