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    • Working on the sermon for this weekend.  Part 4 of a six week series.  Honestly wondering if its humanly possible to understand the torture and humiliation that Jesus experienced for you and for me.  Not sure how to even get through the sermon itself.  #gutwrenching #sacrificiallove #jesuspaidthepriceformysins #3daysthatchangedtheworld #shepherdchurch #beyondmycomprehension
    • Some people are waiting to hear a message from God and they have never read the Bible.  God has clearly spoken and revealed his will to us in the Bible.  If you know and follow God's word, then you will be in God's will.  You can actually start today by picking up and reading the Holy Bible.  #readthebible #Godsplan #willofGod #betterthanmarchmadness #hopeforall #Godlymen Thanks to @upwardfocus for photo
    • Early morning ride cast a long shadow.  Physical training has some value, but spiritual training has great value.  Always thankful for a chance to get a little road work in, but always greatful for anytime to draw closer to God!
    • Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes.  It is always an encouraging time when we praise the Lord for His blessings in life.  And our greatest blessing will be in remembering how thankful we are for Gods presence in our life during the good times and the difficult times.  We always need him and he never leaves us.  We are all so blessed!!!!
    • We only have so many granted to us.  Live everyone of them trying to make a difference in this world for the Lord. Another year to live for Jesus!  So greatful and blessed by God's grace and mercy!  #stillinmy50's #butbarely
    • Call, pray, reach, long, look and focus on the Lord!!!!!!! He will be near to you!!!!! #thelord #jesus #lifupjesus #hopeforall Thank you to @upwardfocus for post.
    • Loved hanging with @flavoru and @cjpaul14 last night cheering for @cp3 and @justholla7.  #clippernation #knicksnation
    • Excited for the launch of the @the365movement in the hopes that many people find Jesus!  Jesus is our Salvation. People need Jesus!  You have tried everything else.  Try Jesus and you will never be the same!
    • Hey @globalhooper and @bonecollector6 and @cp3 and @reggiemillertnt and @markjackson when are you going to come cycling with the @shepherdchurch @shepherd_sports cycling club! #hoopsandcycling #tallpeopleridetoo
    • Thanks to those who came out to my Birthday Ride!  It was tooooo much fun.  And thanks to Bob Graf for the cake!  Love you all!  #birthday #cycling #chocolatecake #perrys #shepherdsports

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Calming Your Storm

Recently we had the biggest storm in five years in Southern California. Almost 10 inches of relentless rain fell in one day, along with high winds and flooding in several areas. It’s hard to imagine a storm like this would have been possible in our sunny city, but once you’re in the midst of it, it can seem like there is no end in sight. You may wonder if the storm will ever end. Perhaps…

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Hope for All

If you’ve spent much time in California during the past few years, you know how desperate we’ve been for rain. Thankfully, the long-awaited downpour we’ve had this winter seems to have quenched our state’s five-year dry spell. We needed the rain because our land is dry and thirsty. This is true spiritually for our state—and our entire nation as well. We are a dry and thirsty land spiritually. We have the highest percentage of people…

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