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    • So true!  #priorities
    • Free Copy of our Ephesians sermon series to the person who can give the most correct instagram names for my bobble head doll collection.  Have fun.  #contest #bobblehead #ephesians #trophiesofgrace #goodluck #havefun #namethatbobblehead
    • Speaking for the all school Christmas chapel today at Heritage Christian School @hcs_warriors.  Best children on the entire planet earth!  #christmaschapel #heritagechristianschool
    • God is always trying to take you to the next level.  He has 1000 ways to do that.  Don't worry or stress.  Just know he has a plan.  He will lead you through the good and the bad to the exact place that he needs you.  Do not be fearful.  Be excited about new opportunities!  #godsplan #newplan  #newdirection #nofear
    • Powerful, powerful, powerful, powerful message by Shawn Womack about Prodigal's.  The Lord is faithful and good.  My hearts rejoices for stories like this.  If you have not made it to church yet today you still have time.  #blessings #forgiveness #compassion #prodigal @shepherdchurch @shepherdwestvalley @shepherdaquadulce @shepherdwestla
    • Second night in a row for @kerribrett Christmas concert at #pointloma #plnu.  A blessed university near San Diego.  Thankful for family and all the Lord's blessings.  I know that @shepherdchurch was blessed by Shane Womack tonight.  Love the Christmas season.
    • Told this Knight to guard the Cervelo r5 horse with his life.  He didn't flinch in his duty and he stood his ground in defending the beast.  Honored to have him serve with such high honor and integrity.  #cervelor5 #knightinshiningarmor #cycling #cyclingshot #timetrial #victory #nike #zipptires #standyourground
    • Ate here last night with @kerribrett And @missedtheark.  The name of the restaurant was a tad questionable to me but the food was sooooooo piglicious.  #newword Just made it up!  #piglicious near @therocksandiego and @milesmcpherson.  #plnu #cidercelebration
    • Whenever I need to, in my mind, I go to my happy place!  Haha.  The Duke!  The Surfer!  The Legend!  How many of you have ever taken a photo at this exact spot?  #waikiki #wishiwastherenow #beachlife #duke #dukekahanamoku #honolulu #thebigkahuna #goldmedalist #longboard #1890 #oahu #surfking #dontworrybehappy
    • What Bible verse does this remind you of?????????????????????

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My True Love Gave to Me…

In the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” the writer enumerates the increasingly grand gifts received during the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Though the carol was written in England in the late 1700’s, many of us still sing it at Christmastime today. Do you remember the lyrics? “On the First day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, a partridge in a pear tree…” This timeless and catchy song highlights the lengths…

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Don’t Lose Hope This Political Season!

Every four years, our country goes through a season in which it seems every effort is made to divide Americans and separate them into two major categories: red and blue, Republican and Democrat, right and wrong. I am, of course, talking about election season. Sadly, Americans are exposed to round-the-clock news coverage of divisive attacks and mudslinging—and this presidential election has probably been the worst in the history of our nation. The attempt to build…

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