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    • After speaking 4 times in Malaysia, and flying 18 hours to get home, the little grandson, Jiggy Jayce,  fell asleep in my arms and all seemed right in the world.  #jaycewest #restoration #papacoach #grandsonisgrand #home #missedthislittleguy
    • He won every round, but cares mostly about people knowing Jesus.  It IS a tough sport and at times it is painful to watch, yet it was through boxing that he literally had food to eat. And he has probably given more food and resources to people in need, than any athlete that has ever lived.  He served his country, his family and most of all His Lord.  He will always be the people’s champion.  #mannypacquiao #manny #pacman #mannypacquiaofight #kualalumpurmalaysia @mannypacquiao @jinkeepacquiao
    • The “WEE COTTAGE” in Northern Ireland has the perfect decor!  #missingmybike
    • For my 60th Birthday, decided to have a father/son trip golfing in Ireland.  Most people will never understand, but I have been preaching, for many years 5 times a weekend, which I loved, but it came at the expense of having more time with my family.  So this trip with my son has been such a blessing to redeem some quality time with him.  It can’t be easy growing up where everyone is judging you 24 hours a day, simply because you are my son.  Your family should always be your priority but ministry sometimes takes its toll.  I love this boy with all my heart and I live everyday waiting to see God’s plan for his life unfold.  And I will get a front row seat to see his influence in the world.  Dallas, keep chasing your dreams with @the365movement and know that I am having the time of my life hanging with you away from the press of the crowd.  P.S.  Next time you are paying.  Ha!! #loveyouson #proudofyouson #ireland #portrush #royalcountydown #royalportrush #dublin #fatherson #ifGodplayedgolfhewouldplayhere
    • It was an honor to meet @cbngordon and #terrymeeuwsen on the set of @the700club today in the great state of Virginia and to talk about my latest book “Compelled”. Gracious, organized and spirit-filled.  Enjoyed the interview and lunch afterwards with Andrew Knox.  Headed back to LA and praying for God’s favor upon the book and that people who read it will be better prepared and equipped to share Jesus with the world.  #compelled #compelledbook #newbook #newread #evangelism #liftupjesus #700clubsocial #virginia #norfolk #jesus #liftjesushigher @demetriast @cbnnews.  See link http://www1.cbn.com/answer-call-share-your-faith
    • Don’t miss Pastor Dudley on the 700 Club, TOMORROW, this Friday June 29! You can catch the segment on the Freeform Channel at 10 a.m., 11 p.m., and 3 a.m. Pacific Time. The program will also air on KCAL-TV 9 (CBS) in Los Angeles at 9 a.m. and on Channel 40 (TBN) on 12 p.m. Pacific Time. 
Pastor Dudley will be discussing his new book Compelled: The Irresistible Call to Share Your Faith! Please spread the word and be sure to tune in!
    • Very proud of @twinters77 and @pastor_drew for all the sacrifices, the travel, the planning and praying for an incredible week in INDY at the North American Christian Convention.  Be sure to give them some kudos..... a job well done!  #gotonacc
    • @pastor_drew did an amazing job leading this years #gotonacc in #Indianapolis.  Great worship, preaching and of course reconnecting and seeing so many fellow workers in God’s Kingdom.  #jesuschangeseverything.  Praying this years convention has Kingdom impact for many many years.  See you next year in Orlando.  Thank you Drew for a blessed convention here in Indy.
    • #gotonacc  #unleashedfortheunreached
    • Up up and away with grandson to North American Christian Convention in Indianapolis.  Looking forward to seeing many friends and family .  #gotonacc @pastor_drew

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How Christians Can Live a Life with No Regrets

Life is full of many different pursuits and possible achievements, but as followers of Christ, how do we live our lives to reach our full potential so that, in the end, we will have no regrets? I will never forget something an elder in our church told me right before he died. He had served the congregation faithfully for sixty years, and as his frail body prepared to step into eternity, he told me, “Dudley,…

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