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    • Please check the three little dots in the upper right and corner and turn on post notifications to get all of these post!  Blessings and Tag someone who needs to think more about heavens blessings!
    • One of the greatest!  Not just a world class athlete, but hero and trailblazer who overcame prejudices and racism from our nations fiber.  #jackierobinson #42 #ucla #bruin #dodgers #pasadena #rosebowl #trailblazer #hero
    • Grandson number two!  #simba #babylandry
    • Jesus is waiting.  He never forces his way into our lives.  He calls.  He bids.  He reaches out.  But he waits for us to come, to respond.  He is available and willing to be your savior, your lord and your peace.  He is near.  How near?  He is one prayer away.  Call upon him.  He loves you.  He is close. Do it today.  Do it now.
    • God loves YOU!  He always will love you!  God is love!  We love because He first loved us.  Will you love Him?  #valentinesday
    • The one and only @777renee who is the rock and the love of my life.  In a few weeks it will be 36 years!  She deserves the praise of Proverbs 31:27-31.  Love you honey.  #valentinesday
    • @jerry1biker dodging rain with just a touch of pain!  Several years ago I met a man from Minnesota named Jerry Anderson who is a man’s man.  Today the threat of rain scared a few people off the ride.  And it ended up being just three of us.  Cycling is a dangerous exercise but the joy and peace of being outdoors battleing the elements and crazy drivers recharges my batteries.  Friendships that endure are friendships that go through the storms of life together.  Remember that life can be difficult.  That is a fact of life.  Some days are full of sunshine and some days are full of storms.  With God’s help and with good friends we can make it through any trial.  Keep on keeping on!!! #cyclingphoto
    • Saturday exercise and now time for spiritual exercise @shepherdchurch.  #mambamentality #pacificocean #cervelor5 #iphone #cyclingvideo #creation #spinning #mourning
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    • I know this is some what silly, but did want you to know that God’s plan is always the most important window of your life.  Hope to see you all in church this weekend!

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What Is Your Destiny?

They say hindsight is 20/20, but what if you were able to look into the future? What would you see for your life? Perhaps you’d like to see yourself with a better job or finishing school. You might be hoping to be married or to know your children are living blessed lives. Maybe you’d like to lose weight, get stronger, or build up your endurance so that you’ll be able to run five miles or…

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The Power of Your Testimony

If you are a Christian, your testimony—the story of how God stepped in and changed you through His Son—is a direct reflection of the undisputable, life-changing power of the Gospel. It’s one of the most effective tools in our evangelism toolbox. Before you got saved, there was an “old you” who was caught up in sin and didn’t know or have a relationship with the Lord. But now you have been changed by the goodness…

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