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    • A chat this morning from Los Angeles to the U.K.  #belovedfriend #liftupjesus #beencouraged #joy #hope Praying for you!  @canonjjohn
    • Where is this?  #pioneertown #rimridge #spiderdud
    • People.... I know things are serious right now, but we need to laugh because it’s the best medicine.  Thank you to @comediannazareth for always putting a smile on my face.  Give him a follow!  Love you buddy!  #joycomesinthemorning
    • A few weeks ago we concluded our online service with @iamnikkodumas singing this special number.  Turn your volume up and be blessed and encouraged.
    • Because bacon will always make you feel good about the day ahead!  #blessingsfromgod #andthepig
    • Tomorrow at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.  Have your Bible ready and say a prayer asking God to speak to everyone who watches.  www.LiftUpJesus.com. I will be praying for YOU and I hope you will be praying for me.  #godisgood #churchlonline #truth #oldschool #Jesus #seeingjesusclearly #biblequote #bible And thank you to @preachingchad for post.  Give him a follow and a shout. #fellowpastor
    • God is so faithful.  God’s mercy is unmatched.  Joy comes in the morning!  God never leaves us.  He never forsakes us.  He showers us with blessings.  His promises are sure.  If a man believes in Jesus, he lives even though he dies.  A rainbow after the storm reminds us of who is in charge.  Today we honored our earthy father and one day we will see him again!!! I know, I know, I know.  Will be posting the service tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon.  God is not good sometimes.  He is good ALL the time.  Praise God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ who conquered the grave and gives us the VICTORY.  #loveyoudad
    • This was the last time dad walked onto our stage @shepherdchurch.  And something swept over me that this would be the last time we would share the stage together at our church.  From the time I was born dad had taught me everything about life that really matters.  He instilled a love in me for the church, for preaching, for evangelism and for family.  Ten days ago he graduated from this world into the next.  He served his generation and he now joins his parents, his brother and his sister and all the souls that he led to Christ in the great heavens.  At 11:00 a.m. today we will honor him and we we will worship our Creator and Redeemer.  We will think about the good times, the laughter and we will think about the difficult times.  But through it all we will be reminded again that only through Jesus can a man or woman be saved.  Dad we love you.  We will always love you.  We will see you again.  Can’t wait to hug you again.  Can’t wait to laugh with you again.  Can’t wait to cry with you again.  Can’t wait to worship Jesus with you again.  #john3:16
    • Worry never solves a problem.  Worry only gives more credit than is due to a problem.  Worry has never added anything to your life.  Worry is stealing precious time that could be spent in prayer!  Pray more than you fret.  Pray more than you worry.  Pray more than you stress.  Pray more than you fear.  Pray more than you complain.  Watch God step in and answer your prayer in and by faith!  #prayerworks #prayer
    • Not so much social distancing but spiritual connecting with the Creator and his beautiful creation.  Reminding me that God is STILL on the throne and we have MUCH to be thankful about as we pray and meditate and contemplate his goodness and sovereignty.  Take time to thank God for ALL of your blessings today!  #blessings #dependinguponGod #outdoorsisfree #excercise #bikepath #hermosa #manhattanbeach #hermosabeach #torrance #redondobeachpier #clouds #ocean #sunshine #jesusisonthethrone

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7 Reasons to Build Something Great for God

I have been preaching for more than 40 years, and my calling to become a preacher goes all the way back to the ninth grade. I went forward during the altar call at my father’s church. I told my dad that I wanted to lead a “great church” someday — not just any church, but a great church. Why would I, or anyone else, want to build something great for God? I’m going to share…

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