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    • Visited this 7th wonder of the World today.  But after visiting @shepherdchurch I moved it to number 8 in the world.  #justsayin  #ilovemychurch #shepherdchurch #parthenon #athens
    • A little pre-cruise meeting in Athens before we sail through the Greek Islands and visit Patmos and Ephesus.  #greece2015 #ilovemychurch #hopetheyarepayingattention
    • Leaving Los Angeles to Greece with 80 people from @shepherdchurch.  We are doing the Footsteps of Paul tour.  Corinth, Athens, Ephesus, etc.  please pray for safe travels and for people to return with a new found love for Missions and the Gospel.  Love and miss everyone of you!  #blessingstouou #greece #athens #ilovemychurch #whichwaydidpaulgo?
    • Thank you @ladygedang for the Post.  May we continue to forgive one another as God continues to forgive us!  Joy is better than jealously!
    • I love to wake up everyday and to see what God has in store NEXT for those who walk in obedience to Him.  #faithwalking #Jesusloving
    • What do you think of the stage design for the @shepherdchurch Porter Ranch campus??? A heart for God.  God Loves You.  He sent Jesus to die for you!  #heartofworship #jesuslovesyou
    • Jesus loves to take fishermen and turn them into fishers of men!  Can't wait to see the catch this weekend @shepherdchurch.  #westlake #bass #iamlookingforhisgrandfather
    • Always amazed at Christians who have a difficult time forgiving.  We, of all people, should be quick to forgive because we know God has forgiven us.  Let's continue to forgive as the Lord forgives.  #lovemore #loveall #loveyou
    • Finally.  A USC person got it right! #itallbelongstogod #fighton #gobruins
    • Thank you to @tameramowrytwo for posting and reading my latest book Walls Fall Down.  7 Principles from the Battle of Jericho.  #wallsfalldown #wallsfalldownbook #amazon.com. #ilovetamera #andAdamtoo @adamhousley

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How Can I Know the Will of God?

One question I am often asked as a pastor is, How will I know what God’s plan is for my life exactly? I share with people that God reveals His plan to us in many, many ways. Some folks live as though God never speaks to them, but He speaks to us in a thousand ways. He communicates His plan to us through the Bible. By reading the Word, we discover that the Lord’s will…

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Trusting God

Trust is a prevalent theme throughout the Bible, appearing 186 times in the New King James Version. Trusting God is a vital element of your personal journey to conquer any impossible obstacle you are facing today. If you desire to bring God into the equation and expect supernatural results, then you have to trust that God has your best interest in mind—that, no matter what curve ball life may throw at you, your future rests…

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Matters of the Heart

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and love is in the air. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see heart decorations in storefront windows and on greeting cards, and heart-shaped boxes with chocolate, candy, or jewelry inside. The heart is the symbol of love, but it has also become known as the source of a person’s intuition, emotion, and feeling. How many times in your life have you been encouraged to follow your heart when you were faced with…

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