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    • Dad came through his surgery and is feeling better here in San Francisco.  Thank you to all of you who work in the hospitals around the world.  You really are amazing!  And also, a big thanks to those of you who keep your restaurants open 24/7 for all of us weary travelers.  Thank you to those who serve to keep America safe.  #pinecrestdinner #sanfran #ucsfmedicalcenter
    • Papa Coach getting a little fundamental work done with the grandson.  He is picking up lesson number one rather quickly.  Thankful for this little guy and a few minutes to see him today. #adidas #firstbasketball #keepitsimple #love #grandson #lovethathair
    • What a day!!!! 1600 people praying for 10 hours.  The Western Wall.  Preparing 2000 boxes of food for the Philippines.  Worship.  Missions. Prayer Walks.  Sweet Hour of Prayer.  Fasting.  Lifted hands.  Bowed hearts.  Spirit filled.  And even an appearance by grandson.  A day I will never forget nor ever take for granted.  Tears, prayers and even a Skype call from a missions group in Northern Africa.  On my knees before the Lord.  #dopf2018
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    • Day of Prayer and Fasting is off to a great start @shepherdchurch.  Great crowd of people taking an entire day to pray for our Nation, our Church, our city and our families.  Let me know what YOUR prayer request is today!  You can not wish your problems away but with prayer you can bring God unto the equation.  #prayermovesmountains
    • Why else would you ever need?  Jesus is my everything!!!!!!! No doubt.  Fully trusting in Him alone.  Someone give a shout out for the Lord your God.  Photo cried to @the700club #jesus #ilovejesus #unashamed #compelledbook #shepherdchurch
    • This weekend at @shepherdchurch we are packing over 2000 boxes of food and sending it to local churches in the Philippines who will be distributing the food to their local communities who are in need.  Thank you to #Childrenshungerfund and the members of our Shepherd family for making all this possible.  #giveustodayourdailybread @mannypacquiao @jinkeepacquiao @david.sisson #philippines #manila #injesusname #lovethyneighbor #sharing #makingtheworldabetterplace
    • God’s grace is greater than your  greatest struggle.  He is waiting this very moment to immerse you in his love and mercy.  Run towards him. He will meet you the very first step you take. Cast all your cares upon Him, for He is able!  Read not only John 3:16, but read John 3:17!  He will forgive and He will restore!  It’s in His blood to redeem and to renew.  #redeemed #secondchance #grace #beautifulgrace #letgoandletgod #heisforusandnotagainstus #john3:16. Thank you to the @the700club for photo
    • Wish every believer and every Church would read “Compelled” and have your heart tuned to God’s heart!  You will catch a burden to reach the lost and become motivated to share what Jesus has done for you.  Love you.  #tagafriend #share #jesus #biblequote #newbook #eachonereachone #thursdaythoughts #amazon #kindle #kindlebooks #christianbooks
    • Sometimes differences are a blessing because we accentuate one another.  Imagine a rainbow being just one color.  The diversity of colors is where the beauty actually exist.  I wish the  polar opposites of our political parties brought out the best of each other.  But in our country today, our government has lost its way.  The yelling, the name calling, deeming everyone a racist if you simply have a different opinion than theirs.  We are watching grown people act like two year olds.  Let me rephrase that last sentence.  Two year olds act more mature than what we are witnessing.  Let me appeal once again to the Kingdom of God where we are called to love our Creator and then to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Praying for our country.  We are lost.  We are void of decency and respect.  And both parties are equally to blame.  Try to live everyday to the glory of God and don’t get caught up in the evil and the hate that is dividing us.  Look for the good in people.  Find a way to make your corner of the world a better place to live.  #tuesdaythoughts #loveforoneanother #kingdomthoughts #shepherdchurch #oneminutesermon #love #onlylove #brotherandsisters #honoroneanother #freedom #noonesacrificedasmuchasjesus

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New You, New Task

As believers and followers of Christ, we have been made new! This is a beautiful, wondrous theme carried throughout the New Testament. First Peter 1:3 says that according to God’s “great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…” And 2 Corinthians 5:17 declares, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new…

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