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    • It Begins!!!!!!!! Life Change.  Worship. Evangelism. Discipleship. The Word. Fellowship.  Communion. Salvation. God's Spirit.  God's People.  His train will fill the Temple. #shepherdchurch #hopeforall
    • An easy 30 miles from the #valley to #santamonica for a cup of #coffee at #perrys.  Beautiful weather, great friends, a rider taller than me and we beat the heat.  Now time for weekend services at @shepherdchurch.  Be blessed and may we keep serving the Lord with all of our heart.  @spoken_wheel #specialized #mavic #shepherdchurch #shepherdsports #strava #garmin #amgentourofcalifornia #missedthepodiumby40minutes photocred @stevejurado78 #voltage #voltagespin
    • Hanging with former NFL player @georgewrighster.  Have never seen him without an Oregon Duck hat.  He only knows one speed!  Give your all or step aside.  Be blessed Big George!  #gobruins #hahaha
    • God is the Alpha (A) and the Omega (Z), the beginning and the end and everything in between.  I want Him to have #control over my life.  He is NOT an #option.  I desire to follow his #commands all the days of my life.  Hope you will join me in serving the Lord each and every day!
    • Psalm 18:1,2.  I love you, O Lord, my strength.  The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer!  #wednesdaywisdom
    • #grapevine
    • Thinking about hiring these guys to usher @shepherdchurch.  It might settle people down from all the craziness that is happening right now during the services.  #oldschool #keepthepeace #star #shepherdchurch #bestushersever #churchtime
    • Nice coffee cup at Hampton Inn this morning.  If it puts a genuine smile on your face, it's probably a good thing.  Excellent marketing idea and a smile to start the day is always better than a frown.  #getyoursmileon #hamotoninn #breakfastwithasmile
    • Loved interviewing all the Rutherford women today for Mother's day.  Wisdom was everywhere.  God is sooooooooo good.  And Happy Mother's Day to all!  #happymothersday #shepherdchurch #ilovemymom #pattie #renee #kayla #kerri #dallas #zach #dreama #redroses
    • My mama back when she had her hands full. This Weekend @shepherdchurch I will be interviewing her in Church for Mother's day.  Love to have you join us at one of our four campuses to celebrate all of our Mother's. #happymothersday #ilovemymom #mamasboy

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God is Trustworthy

Trust is a prevalent theme throughout the Bible, appearing 186 times in the New King James Version. Trust is a vital element of any relationship. In order to have a healthy, happy bond with another person, one first must have trust or everything else falls like a house of cards. This is especially true in your relationship with God. A relationship with Him, after all, is what He desires to have with you, and He…

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Three Days that Changed the World

There has never been an event in history that has so drastically and irreversibly changed the entire world like Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. No leader in power, no technological advancement or invention, no war or victory, no speech or political march has ever made such an indelible mark on all of humanity as the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross. Allow me to explain why: First, despite all our advancements and improvements…

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