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    • A look at two different tax collectors from Luke’s gospel and their encounter with Jesus.
    • Are you the same at home as you are at church?
    • Got to spend a couple of hours today with Mike Bender @mikebendergolf.  Someone who knows his craft and is able to help people from all over the world.  He was such a gentleman and such a teacher.  Aka.. Coach Wooden style.  Don’t know when I will be back to Florida, but when I do, I hope to visit his academy again.  #mikebender #mikebendergolf #lessoninhumility #agoodwalkspoiled #champions #pga #lpga #pgatour #lpgatour #heavenly #coachwooden #coaching #instruction #florida Heading home for L.A. in the morning! #wednesdaywisdom
    • Now THAT is a Christmas tree!  @shepherdchurch #tistheseason #letyourlightshine
    • Icon. Icon. Icon.  #palmer #woods #agusta
    • The Kids of the Kingdom youth choir is leading @shepherdchurch in worship today.  The Lord MUST be pleased as the children are singing and worshipping with all of their hearts.  Don’t miss today!  Get here early and lift up your voice in praise to Jesus!  #kok #shepherdchurch #porterranch #youthchoir #jesus
    • Big waves. Blue Sky. Brisk temperatures. Good friends.  Black Friday.  Strong winds.  Vast ocean. Bright sun. Fluffy clouds.  Numb fingers.  Wide smiles.  Narrow paths.  One creator God of the universe!  #palisverdes #bikepath #hermosabeach #redondobeachpier #socal #seriouscycling #cyclingvideo #spokenwheel #r5 @tim5356 @stevejurado78 @kenrobins
    • The little #Simba was less than 12 hours old and was already talking to his #papacoach .  I really only have one thing to say....... #thankyouJESUS.  #babylandry
    • Last night around 10:00 p.m. grandson number two entered into our world 🌎. I had to record a little video for his older brother #jiggyjayce and let him know about his new little brother named “Landry Rayne Francis.” 9 lbs 10 oz and 22 inches long.  He is healthy and loved, and this Thanksgiving he gives us a million more reasons to thank our Heavenly Father.  May this Thanksgiving be a season where we all express our love for our families and friends and most importantly our creator God and His son Jesus!!!!! #grandsonnumber2 #godisgood #babylandry #thanksgiving #happythanksgiving2019 #blessingsfromabove @kaylafrancisla @iamianfrancis
    • Babysitting is such a difficult job.  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love me some Jiggy “boo boo” Jayce and some “Ernie” too.  #jiggyjayce #thestand

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The Night Jesus Was Born

The night Jesus was born, God gave us three extraordinary gifts. God’s first gift to us was love—a profound, intense, divine love. The almighty Creator of the universe set aside His magnificent power and glory and took on a human form to bring salvation to the world. “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal…

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When There’s Too Much to Say

From time to time, I will take a break from social media, knowing there are many important issues to discuss every week. Honestly, there are times when it’s too much—too many topics on which to voice opinions and concerns. As a pastor, I always have to pray and ask God whether or not I ought to comment on every political, social, and tragic story that hits the news. There are times I want to, but…

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