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    • Posted this on my twitter feed.  @pastordudley.  Just Jesus!  JUST JESUS!!!! JUST JESUS !!!!!
    • Spent some time encouraging and being encouraged by @patrickbetdavid and @moneysmartguy.  Both of these men have leadership skilllllzzzzz galore!  Have always believed that God had plans for these two to meet and work together and now it’s a reality.  If you ever meet either one of these two, lean in and listen.  You will learn how to lead others to heights never imagined.  Love you both and love your passion to lead others.  #php #peoplehelpingpeople #teamphp #indianwells #honorthelordinallthings #losangeles #dallas #chicago
    • Fishing 🐠 🐟 🎣 for fish and fishing for souls!  One day.... #papacoach will teach #jiggyjayce how to catch a fish!  #grandson #charmer #cuterthanabarrelofpuppies
    • The BEST of the best.  @sushispotrestaurant and Chef Taku!  Been serving the valley for close to 30 years.  #sushi #sushispotrestaurant #albacore #spicytunaricecake #eel #venturablvd #lovemika
    • Epic night @shepherdchurch  #treelighting2018 #treelighting #christmas #jesus #porterranch #losangeles #emmanuel
    • Tonight at 5:00 p.m. we will be celebrating Jesus and we will be lighting the tree.  @shepherdchurch
    • Kid’s of the Kingdom rocked @shepherdchurch on Saturday night and we kicked off a new series on the Songs of Christmas.  These young people worshipped with Joy and Gladness.  You would have thought is was the 1st ever Christmas Day!!!
    • Hanging with the grandson over Thanksgiving.  There is something about this boy that gets my old heart racing.  His hair, his smile, his sweet demeanor, his styling vest, his love for praise and worship and maybe even his love for his #papacoach.  Love you booboo.  #grandsonsrock
    • If man could fly......
    • This is more than just a theological question.  It’s a question that reveals your level of faith.  God’s power and abilities will never be diminished by man’s doubts and fears.  God is all powerful and all knowing.  My response to his nature is to walk in trust and obedience.  I have never doubted his faithfulness, only my own.  #oneminutesermon

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Encouragement for the Parent of a Prodigal Child

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12 Years After “The Secret” and There’s Still No Substitute for the Gospel

Since its release in 2006, a self-help book called The Secret has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over forty-six languages. The premise of the book is that you can create whatever you want by using the power of your mind. It is a self-centered philosophy that is actually nothing more than recycled Hinduism and New Age folly. Many people think if Oprah endorses something, that makes it okay….

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