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    • Yes there is one Trojan I root to win.  @jonahtexeira is a friend and can be seen at Shepherd from time to time.  He hits the ball a long ways and we will see what God has in store for this USC golfer.  Hope his only loss is against #UCLA.  Other than that I hope he wins them all.  #fighton #yesiknow #usc #mensgolf #golf @t2pr #7 #77 #wallsfalldown
    • Follow @shepherdchurch to see what's cooking each week.  Last week the place was on fire, especially over where @thedaveschneider was sitting.  And thank you to doc @kenrobins for the 75 dollar sermon illustration.  #shepherdchurch
    • Yes.  It's in the Bible!  May we bow before the Lord forever.
    • Had some great fellowship today with @kdubblive.  Host of the #kelvinandtravismorningshow on #espn #la.  God has plans for #kdub and praying he becomes a spiritual champion.  #sportstalkradio #Godtalk #shepherdsports #ilovemychurch #shepherdchurch
    • Just like 8 is the only correct answer to this puzzle, Jesus is the only correct to life's greatest issues.  You've tried everything else..... Now try Jesus!  #yesididthissudoku :)
    • I would love to see Golden State or Oklahoma win it all.  But don't forget that part of the heart and soul of both teams came from their former coaches @markjackson and #scottbrooks.  Two class guys and I am very vocal wishing they were both still coaching their respective teams. #nbaplayoffs #nba #friendsthatsticktogether #tnt #nevergiveup
    • Another reason to WORSHIP God!!!!!!!!!! #creation #milkyway #stars #lordforgivemeforeverdoubtingyou
    • My youngest @kerribrett15 is off to do a summer worship internship @saddlebackchurch.  I am praying God continues to shape her life in every way.  Yes, I told her I write all of @pastorrickwarren sermons.  Not sure she believed me.. Haha.  Blessings on her and #saddlebackchurch this summer.  #daddydaughter #redbirds #internship #whoneedsasermonwriter
    • @amgentoc and #gibraltar.  And a day to remember.  Where was @dzabriskie?
    • Met @thejensie today at the handlebar cafe in Santa Barbara.  One of the nicest people I have ever met.  Then @thedaveschneider rode with me to the top of #gibraltar.  It was an epic day.  #amgentour #amgencaliforniatour #atoc #amgentourofcalifornia #yensvoigt #77 #cycling #day3 #finishline #cervello #zipp #handlebar

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Warning Signs: Do Not Worship Idols

It seems as though there are warning signs wherever we turn. We see them on food labels warning us of possible allergens; on traffic signs cautioning us about adverse road conditions; and on most products advising us against improper use. I once saw a sticker on a windshield visor that read, “Warning: Do not drive with sunshade in place!” Though we are inundated with warnings, the purpose of these warnings is for our protection—even the…

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You Are Not Defined by Your Mistakes

Making mistakes is an unavoidable hazard in life.  As humans, whether by ignorance or insolence, we make decisions or statements we later regret.  However, what is most important in these situations is how we respond to our sins or mistakes.  In addition to making efforts to rectify our error, we should also introspectively reflect on the causes of our error in the first place.  In those times we may hear two voices—one of condemnation and…

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