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Linspiration: What the Lakers’ new point guard teaches us about overcoming obstacles

As a pastor and an avid basketball fan, I have been fascinated by Jeremy Lin’s story of faith and perseverance. Now that he is playing for my favorite team, the Lakers, I like the guy even more. But it’s easy to look at a person like Jeremy Lin—who always seems to have a smile on his face, a positive attitude, and has the privilege of playing ball for one of the greatest franchises in the…

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Walls Fall Down Interview with BookPal

Recently I did an interview with Book Pal about my new book, Walls Fall Down: 7 Steps from the Battle of Jericho to Overcome Any Challenge. Elizabeth at Book Pal asked me a lot of great questions–from what inspired me to write the book, to who I would cast in a movie about the Battle of Jericho. Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.20.36 PM

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Dud Dynasty

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A New Year

Time is fleeting.  Tick, tick, tick and tick goes the clock.  We can NEVER EVER recover time lost.  But we can live today to the fullest degree.  As we turn the corner on another year I pray that you will choose to live for God with all of your heart.  There really is no middle ground.  You are either in or out. God has no patience with lukewarm believers.  He’d rather you be cold than…

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