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20 Reasons Why You Should be in Church

I know there are many excuses for why people do not attend church faithfully. I know that as long as man is involved, the church will always have its flaws. I totally get that on any given Sunday, there are a thousand other things to do besides gathering the family to attend a local church. I also understand that it’s possible for you to actually show up at a church and feel as though you…

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What Our Trials Have in Common with Christmas Morning

Is there anything purer and more joyous than Christmas morning through the eyes of a small child? Do you remember what that was like? To be in your pajamas and wake up earlier than your parents and the rest of creation, tiptoe over the to a grand and glorious Christmas tree, and realize there is a present or a pile of presents nestled beneath the branches where there was nothing before. You recognize your name…

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After the credits roll: Louis Zamperini’s incredible story of redemption

What would you do in the midst of a dark and hopeless situation with no rescue in sight? How would you respond if oppressive forces did everything in their power to knock you down and break your spirit? Would you remain unbroken? Last night I had the privilege of seeing an advanced screening of Unbroken, the incredible story of Louis Zamperini. The movie opens on Christmas Day and is adapted from Laura Hillenbrand’s bestselling novel,…

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In Christ, our only hope

What would we give for true leadership during this critical time? To be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin, as Martin Luther King Jr. once said. To treat others as we ourselves would want to be treated, as Christ our Lord said. Our world and our country are so divided. It is hard to see such hatred and division. There are no easy answers except to value…

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