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Spanish Translation of “The Accurate Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner”

As we approach the Fourth of July holiday and celebrate our country’s independence, I’m so pleased to share with you the Spanish translation of the popular video I shot last year called The Accurate Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner. I want to thank Gabriel Rufus at Creative Routes, Inc. for his hard work in dubbing the Spanish version of this video so that it can be shared with our fellow Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters…

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Pastor’s Kits are here!

I’ve had some pastor friends of mine who have written me and asked when the kit will be available for the “God Has an app For That!” sermon and Life Group series, and I’m happy to announce that they’re finally here! I’m so excited about the possibility of other churches around the U.S. being able to dive into this great series. My prayer is that it will show people…

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A Dog who Prays !!!

We had a contest at our church for the most creative picture from all of our small groups that were studying through the book “God Has An App For That”.    I had decided that I was going to visit the life/small group of the winning photo.   The winning photo was that of a dog leading the group in the Bible study.   So last night, true to…

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Nikko Lowe singing in Israel

Just a few weeks ago we took over 100 people to Israel for a 10 day tour.  Nikko joined us and sang from time to time.  This was in a theatre that used to seat over 8000 people.  With no sound system it was still very clear thanks to the engineering of the theatre.  Enjoy!

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