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Dudley's Blog

My true love gave to me…the greatest gift of all

If asked you what the best gift you received 10 years ago was, what would you say? For a few of you, the image of that perfect gift popped into your mind right away. But I would guess it is taking most you a while to recall. That special gift from long ago might have been a bicycle or set of golf clubs you longed for, a puppy, Lakers tickets, a beautiful sweater, or a…

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New Birth

Jesus told Nicodemus in the gospel of John (the 3rd chapter) that he “must be born again”. Nothing so depicts that new birth than when someone is baptized into the name of Jesus Christ. I hear so many people today explaining away the importance or necessity of being baptized, while you see just the opposite in scripture. Scriptures are full of…

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Does Tim Tebow Walk on Water?

So I am in a spinning class at the LA Fitness in Universal City when I get called out of class by a lady who says there is a phone call for me. She said that it wasn’t an emergency, but it was important. Whew, well at least I knew no one died and ran downstairs to take the call. It was one of my assistants, Shalena, who says, “Fred Roggin of NBC Sports wants…

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Funny God Has An App For That Photos

I had two people send in these photos via Facebook. The first picture was someone named Valerie who said this was her husband’s idea of Facebook, and the second photo was of a cat who definitely needs…

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