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Dudley's Blog

Loving those who serve!

Week after week, at Shepherd of the Hills Church, we hand out over 5 to 6000 bulletins. Someone has to stuff them with the inserts and sermon outlines every week. Most people come to church and grab a bulletin not knowing of the tremendous amount of work needed to provide such bulletins. Today I was upstairs studying for the sermon this…

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Happy 16th Birthday!!!!!

Justin Bieber who? Today is all about Kerri! Saw that today was Justin Bieber’s birthday and truthfully I really am not concerned. What I am concerned about is that today is my daughter, Kerri’s 16th Birthday. Sixteen years ago I remember every detail of that special day and with it brings so many mixed emotions. Primarily, it reminds me that…

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Follow up on the TOP TEN list

I had a lot of comments on my top ten list. Just to state again this post was about the 500,000 pastors that show up every week that are not on T.V or Radio or known for their large church. Slot number one actually has 500,000 pastors in in. So…. T.D Jakes is number 500,001. Jeff Walling is 500,002 Andy Stanley…

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Top 10 Preachers in America!

I will never forget the time Billy Graham was on T.V and I commented to my son (who was about 9 years of age at the time) that Billy Graham was the greatest preacher ever. And my son started to cry and said “Dad, I thought you were the greatest preacher of all time”. Even though I, too, would be…

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