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Dudley's Blog

Is Jesus the Messiah? You tell me!

I looked up some of the 300 prophesies that Jesus fulfilled, which prove He is the Messiah. But all the facts in the world won’t cause a person to believe. It might lead you to faith and it might open up your heart to the possibility of faith, but faith is when you trust in…

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The Number 53

Today must begin by thanking the ALMIGHTY God for creating each and everyone of us. Before the foundation of the world was made he knew that each of us would be here. God’s love in providing salvation through His one and only son leads us to honor him in all that we do. I thank God for his mercy, for my parents,…

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The Cloud in the Bible

I know some of you have seen the “cloud” on the TV show called LOST. And in the TV show, which I’m always lost and confused watching, there is a cloud that is a little scary and sometimes death follows. But that is JUST A TV SHOW. In the Bible there is actually a CLOUD…

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It Makes Zero Sense. Sheen, Sin, Oil and the Moon.

I don’t understand why every time I wash my car it rains. i.m.z.s. I don’t understand why the United States of America would rather be dependent upon oil from the Middle East, which is a ticking time bomb, than drill for oil in our own country and have cheaper gas. i.m.z.s.. I don’t understand how we can put a man on the…

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