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Travel to Israel in April 2012!!!

We as a church are headed to the Holy Land, Israel, next year! Find out more about this exciting trip and how you can join us by watching the video below: Israel 2012 from Shepherd Media on Vimeo.

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NACC Diversity: “A Giant Leap Forward”

NACC Diversity: ‘A Giant Leap Forward’ President Dudley Rutherford said, “I wanted to show folks around the country how to put on an event and make it diverse without diversity being the theme.” By Darrel Rowland Dudley Rutherford admits it’s his biggest fear: That the recent increasing diversity of the NACC will fade away. “We took a giant leap forward….

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Ultimate Freedom Conference

Today I was honored to speak at the Ultimate Freedom Conference. A group of guys who have been saved by the grace of almighty God. We went to the front of the church to take a group photo and I wanted to post the picture to let you see some men who are hungry for the word of God. Part of…

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If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would not have believed it. At first, my reaction was… no way! And then, it quickly changed to… are you kidding?! Then, it was… this is not possible! For a couple of years now, there has been a group of pastors who lead churches with over 5000 attendees that have joined together to…

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