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Dudley's Blog

The MOST important Birth Certificate in the World

I am amazed at all the press concerning Obama’s Birth Certificate. My humble opinion is that he should have released this thing 2 years ago. But He has his own reasoning for doing so today and I hope that it allows more time to be spent on our economy. The whole 14 trillion dollar debt thing and the gas price surging thing…

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Interested in visiting the Holy Land (Spring of 2012) ?

Looking at taking a tour to Israel in the spring of 2012. Please leave your contact information at 818.832.3479 (Shalena) if interested. We have 26 people on a list so far. We would love to add you to our list!

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Is Jesus the Messiah? You tell me!

I looked up some of the 300 prophesies that Jesus fulfilled, which prove He is the Messiah. But all the facts in the world won’t cause a person to believe. It might lead you to faith and it might open up your heart to the possibility of faith, but faith is when you trust in…

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The Number 53

Today must begin by thanking the ALMIGHTY God for creating each and everyone of us. Before the foundation of the world was made he knew that each of us would be here. God’s love in providing salvation through His one and only son leads us to honor him in all that we do. I thank God for his mercy, for my parents,…

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