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Your Life Matters to Jesus

Jesus loves people, not because of who they are, but because of who He is. Love is Jesus’s nature. If you read the Gospel of John, you will see that Jesus had a face-to-face encounter with person after person, and it didn’t matter if they were male or female, rich or poor, Jew or Gentile, sinner or a Pharisee; Jesus loved all people. And He loves you. Your life matters to Jesus—just as the woman…

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7 Ways that God Can Do the Impossible in Your House

God will always make a way when it seems as though there is no way. In the midst of so much uncertainty and fear in 2020, it’s easy to believe that things will never change for the better. It can seem impossible for life to go back to “normal”—or even to adjust to a new normal. For some, the healing of a loved one seems impossible. For others, a job or financial situation appears hopeless….

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Three Reasons to Pursue Racial Reconciliation

There is no room for racism in the heart of the Christian. All racism is hate directed towards someone created in the image of God. The sin of racism is in the very fabric of this nation—its painful ripple effect is still felt, seen, and experienced today—but we must reject all forms of racism at every turn. Jesus shed His blood for all mankind, to bring peace and forgiveness, and to break down the walls…

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Is Jesus in Your Boat?

In times of uncertainty, there is one thing that we can be assured of, and it is that God’s love never fails. Our nation has been brought to a standstill by something unseen and unknown. During this time, we have seen so many people living in fear and filled with all kinds of worry. I personally observe so many people living without hope, living with anxiety, and living as though their problem is greater than…

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