One Month to Live ~ Pastor Dudley Rutherford

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Our time on Earth is limited. No matter who you are—whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy—with each tick of the clock another moment of your life is behind you. The Bible teaches in Job 14:5 that our days are numbered. You only have so many days that have been allotted to you. The idea of our “One Month to Live” series is not to make you squirm, and it’s not to make you fearful. The purpose of this series is for you to live every single day that God gives you to its fullest and to help you make your life count for God! In our first message, Pastor Dudley Rutherford introduces Philippians 1-4 and discusses three things that would matter to you most if you had one month to live: 1.) Your relationships; 2.) Your church and the Gospel; and 3.) Your Savior and Your Lord.


Sermon by Pastor Dudley Rutherford



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