Nehemiah ~ Series

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Nehemiah is the story of God’s grace. It contains a timely message for a new start — and that it’s never too late for you to come back to God. Nehemiah is also a history book with tremendous leadership principles. You’ll learn how to be a better leader in your company, your family, and your ministry. Moreover, the book of Nehemiah helps you put your world back together when your world is falling apart. From the wisdom of this 10-part series, you will grow spiritually and be able to navigate through these difficult times just as Nehemiah did so long ago.
Start with Prayer – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
God’s Favor to Rebuild the Walls – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
Roll Up Your Sleeves – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
Times of Discouragement – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
Remember for the Good – Pastor Kyle Welch
I Will Not Come Down – Pastor Dudley Rutherfrod
The Revival at the Water Gate – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
Let’s Dedicate Ourselves – Pastor Jeff Walling
It’s Time to Worship – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
Top Lessons from Nehemiah – Pastor Dudley Rutherford


 This is a ten-part sermon series.







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