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Ultimate Freedom Conference

Today I was honored to speak at the Ultimate Freedom Conference. A group of guys who have been saved by the grace of almighty God. We went to the front of the church to take a group photo and I wanted to post the picture to let you see some men who are hungry for the word of God. Part of…

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If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would not have believed it. At first, my reaction was… no way! And then, it quickly changed to… are you kidding?! Then, it was… this is not possible! For a couple of years now, there has been a group of pastors who lead churches with over 5000 attendees that have joined together to…

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Shepherd of the Hills Church REVIVAL 2011 Oct. 22-26

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I have questions! Do you have answers?

I always have questions that I wish people would answer.  The way you answer these questions will tell me a lot about YOU.   For the record, I am not asking these questions for you to make judgements about me.  So often, just because someone ask a question we assume we know the motive for the question, in reality, it could just be just curiosity (yes, that could…

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