I have questions! Do you have answers?

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I always have questions that I wish people would answer.  The way you answer these questions will tell me a lot about YOU.   For the record, I am not asking these questions for you to make judgements about me.  So often, just because someone ask a question we assume we know the motive for the question, in reality, it could just be just curiosity (yes, that could kill the cat) or it could be something that has consequences for us as individuals and all of us in general.   Please feel free to answer any and all questions.

1)  Why do we forget our blessings faster than we forget our trials?

2)  Why is it that if someone disagrees with our President they are considered a racist?   I don’t remember anyone using that line on the former President and I disagreed with him all the time.

3)  Why don’t women band together in mass and condemn pornography, especially since it reduces them to mere objects.

4)  Why isn’t the church more diverse when we are the one entity that’s been called to reach all people.

5)  How can any politician NOT understand the DANGER of our country being 15 TRILLION dollars in DEBT.   That burden falls upon our children.

6)  What if the BIBLE were true and the ONLY people who are getting into heaven are those in Christ Jesus (John 3:16, John 14:6)   Wouldn’t that change everything?

7)  Do you know how many signers of the Declaration of Independence were ordained ministers?
If most of them were clergy (which they were) how have we drifted away so far from our heritage?

8)  Why is the “spotted owl” more protected than an “unborn child”?

9)  How can the same sun that melts butter, harden clay?

10) How can the President pass a mandatory Health Care Bill and then hand out over 1000 exceptions to certain corporations?  How come you and I can’t get one of those exemptions?

11)  Why is paying 75 dollars for a concert or 150 dollars to a musical or 250 dollars for a family of four to attend a dodger game seem like no big deal, but giving twenty dollars to God seems so painful?

12)  Why does it seem the older you are the faster time flies?

13)   Why don’t we spend a greater amount of time on things that are eternal, as opposed to spending most of our time on things that are temporal?

14)  Why do people blame God when things go bad and yet they deny God glory when things are going good?

15)  At what point did man start to believe that he himself controls the universe and not God almighty?

16)  If the odds are greater that you will die by riding on a donkey as opposed to riding on an airplane,  then why haven’t we ever heard of someone being killed while riding a donkey?

17)  Why if the top grossing movies of all time are all G and PG rated, why would Hollywood ever make an R rated movie?

18)  What would happen if everyone who claimed to be a follower of Jesus Christ actually let his light shine? How much darkness would be dispelled?

19) Do you think there is a chance that our economic trials in America could be tied to a moral and spiritual problem?

20) Finally, do you think anyone cares about you as much as God?   Romans 5:8



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