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Many of you remember Kisa Hughes, who I wrote about in an earlier post (see March 8th). She was 33 years of age, 6’5” tall, played basketball for UCLA, and was a member of our church. She passed away on March 1st.

Kisa had worked for an organization called “YO! Watts,” which stands for Youth Opportunity in the Watts community. It is located in the heart of Watts, and it’s an organization that helps high school students graduate from high school, and then helps them get into college.

So this past Friday I attended and prayed for a classroom that was dedicated to her honor. There were three deserving students that each received a $1000.00 scholarship. I believe that in some way, our church needs to partner with YO! Watts.

The photograph above was taken during Kisa’s last days on earth at a blessings ranch in Palm Springs. Someone took the picture as Kisa was driving down the lane, and Kisa said that she saw an angel.

If you turn the picture sideways, you can make out an an in the clouds an Angel.

I’m not sure what to think of that, but I do know that Kisa was an angel to many here on this Earth and she spent her few years trying to lead others to Jesus. I pray for her family, but I also pray for YOU, that we will join together in making a difference for the Lord each and every day. And the next time you’re looking for something to do that’s worthwhile… why not try YO! Watts?



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