What a Start!

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Today we kicked off our ABC’s of Financial Success series, and the spirit of the congregation was amazing. You can just sense God getting ready to transform lives and lifestyles. There is NO question that the God we serve owns the “cattle on a thousand hills” and He will bless those who honor HIM.

Join that Life Group. Get involved. Trust God with the first fruits of all your crops. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse of God. Give and it will be GIVEN to YOU. Our attitude is crucial in understanding that everything we own comes from God to begin with, and we need to trust in HIM and in HIS WORD.

I’m looking forward to all the services today. I will have a story to post about what happened last night in church, but I want to wait until tomorrow to post that.

Please know that I love you… but Jesus loves you even more!



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