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Heart is heavy today.
Paper is unfair.
They enjoy their slant.
I love my son.
He is my best friend.
No word or deed will ever diminish my view of him.
He lives in a glass house. I live in a glass house.
I love my son.
I will be by his side forever.
Right is right and wrong is wrong.
I am sorry. For everything.
God loves me. God loves you.
Romans 8:28
I love God.
I love my son.
My Aunt died.
Going to her funeral today. Yes, Today.
I wonder if the paper will report the greatness of her life.
I doubt that.
Won’t be holding my breath.
That would be a worthy article.
I have no comment.
Well I have several.
I just can’t say them.
Don’t want to be misquoted.
Will covet your prayers.
Praying is powerful.
I love my son.
He loves me.
No matter what I do, he loves me.
I love that.
I really love that.
He needs me.
I need him.
We both need God.
Today will pass. But God is eternal.
His love is eternal.
His grace is eternal.
His spirit is eternal.
I love my son.
God gave my son to me.
God gave his son to me.
Thank you God for my son.
Thank you God for your son.
That had to be hard.
Because, I love my son.
and I know that you love your son.
John 3:16
I love John 3:16.
I really love that.

Just a few thoughts…
Got to run to the funeral now.
My aunt was a Godly woman.
Wish you could have known her.
Will see my dad.
I love my dad.
My dad loves me.
It was his sister that died.
It’s hard to bury your sister.
But that’s what he’s going to do today.
I must be with my son.
I must be with my father.
They both need me today.
I can do both.
It is an honor to help them.
They have both helped me in so many ways.
I love my dad.
I love my son.
I miss my grandfather.
He was a preacher too.
I don’t remember his funeral.
He died when I was four.
His daughter is my Aunt.
Went to see her in the Hospital on Sunday.
Today I will see her laid to rest.
Heart is Heavy today.
I love my son.



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