The Rat, The Race, and the Cage

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I am going to TRY to review and promote one great book a month. I receive sooooooo many books and I try to read as many as possible, and although I don’t get to read all of them I want to try to pass on to you some of the good ones that don’t normally get a lot of press.
My first choice to share with you was a book I just recently received and YES I’ve been reading this on breaks while I’ve been doing jury duty. 🙂

A good friend of mine named Thomas Ellsworth who has been very successful at getting start up companies off the ground and was one of the key principles in helping a company named JAMDAT. Any games that are put on your cell phone probably was designed by Jamdat. If you ever drive down the 405 freeway you’ll see a big office building that has the name JAMDAT on top. That’s the company Tom helped make a success.

Although Tom has moved on to help another company he continues to be the best at what he does and is often sought after for advice and wisdom within the business community.

Tom recently wrote a book titled The Rat, The Race, and the Cage. Written to help anyone who is contemplating a career move. So often, people struggle with being fulfilled in their current position or company and spend many sleepless nights trying to discern if they should move on to another company or remain in the same job they have now.

From the insight and experience that Tom has gleaned over the years he came up with a very simple yet profound illustration of the rat, the race and his cage.
He uses this analogy to help one in making wise career changes. His underlying purpose as stated is to provide “A SIMPLE WAY TO GUARANTEE JOB SATISFACTION AND SUCCESS”.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is wondering if they are in the right career or not. I would recommend this book to anyone who is contemplating making a serious career path change. Included in this 79 page book are some questions and charts that will help you decipher your “own career compass”.

For anyone interested in ordering this book you can do so at

Thanks Tom for this very unique and helpful book.



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