The Latest Update from Shepherd of the Hills – Fremont, CA

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Dear Loved ones,
What a glorious God we serve! Thank you for praying for our satellite campus here in Fremont. God has been very gracious to answer our prayers!
Thanksgiving and praises!
W-o-w! SOTH-Porter Ranch sent us a really great projector! Please send our thanks to our loved ones at Porter Ranch! Thank God for Centerville Presbyterian Church for allowing us to use their projector and projector screen since october 7!
last December 21, Panera bread started donating large amounts of artisan bread, muffins, cookies and bagels to our church to help feed the homeless people who come for worship and dinner. On December 21,they gave us 4 20-gallon bags. This week, they gave us 6 large bags. Everyone brought home bags of bread as their “take away” from worship. God has provided bread from heaven.. literally!
5 people walked into the service last Sunday. Richard said that they did not stay long but they stayed long enough to hear pastor Dudley’s message. Please pray that they will be touched by Jesus and save them and that they will be coming back this Sunday.
Lives are being changed! A homeless lady has been attending worship for the past couple of Sundays… but she is always high on drugs. I heard tonight that she has been sober for three days now. Please pray that God will have mercy on her and heal her from her drug addiction. Sharlene Kelly (leads our homeless ministries with her husband Kevin) told me about her conversation with a homeless person who attends SOTH-Fremont regularly. she said “I used to go to SOTH for the dinner, but now, I come to worship and listen to the messages.”
We have 34 people tonight… some of them are new faces.
God is a wonderful and amazing Father in heaven!
In Christ’s merciful hands!



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