The Dog and the Dud

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We are the only Church in America that has hired a full time staff person to come and get you… if you skip church… We have too many people who are making too many excuses when it comes to church attendance.

We’ve hired Dog the Bounty Hunter who is a professional bounty hunter to lead this ministry. So the next time Sunday rolls around and for some weak reason you choose to skip church… expect a knock on your door.

I know some of you actually doubt that this story is true, but I guarantee you that no matter how important that I personally feel about people skipping church, I know that GOD is FAR MORE CONCERNED WITH OUR CHURCH ATTENDENCE THAN I WILL EVER BE.

Jesus actually gave his life for the Church. Let’s make sure that we never give Dog the Bounty hunter a chance to come visit us….

*Parts of this story were written with a “grain of salt.”



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