The book “UNLEASHED” has arrived!

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As this years President of the North American Christian Convention (, which will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio from July 5-8 at the Duke Energy convention center in downtown Cincinnati, there was much planning and praying over a two year window of time.

Working together with a creative executive team, we came up with the theme “UNLEASHED: the church turning the world upside down”. The idea is taken from the book of Acts where the first century church was so empowered by the Holy Spirit of God that it (the church) literally IMPACTED the culture of it’s day. The church today needs to recapture some that power and influence. The early church was NOT afraid to stand for truth and righteousness. I am afraid we have become so politically correct that we fail to stand for anything moral today.
Prayerfully at this years convention we are going to preach through the book of Acts and uncover and recapture some of the traits of the first century church.
Each of our nine speakers will be speaking on one of those traits.
We then asked the nine speakers to write ONE CHAPTER to be put in book form that will be available at this years convention and each of them agreed. So here is the line up.
Dudley Rutherford “Unleashed” Acts 1:8
Daryl Reed “Kaleidoscope” Acts 1:8, 10:1-48
Greg Nettle “Innumerable” Acts 2:41-47, 4:4
Mike Breaux “Pandemonium” Acts 4:13-22
Phil Allen “Shaken” Acts 4:23-31
Dave Stone “Lavishness” Acts 4:32-37
Jeff Vines “Hazardous” Acts 5:17-42
Francis Chan “Kinetic” Acts 13:42-52
Jeff Walling “Unequivocal” Acts 20:22-24
The idea of course is that people can come to this years convention and listen to the speakers and then pick up a copy of the book and DVD (life group material) and go back into their local church and preach through the UNLEASHED theme. God unleashing his spirit upon the church and then unleashing his church upon the world.
Please consider joining us at this years NACC (July 5 – 8) in Cincinnati, Ohio and pick up a copy of the UNLEASHED book at or today!



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