The ACCURATE Story behind the Star Spangled Banner

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This has been quite the journey! About 2 years ago we produced a video on the Star Spangled Banner just for our church. We had some of the facts wrong so we did a second version of it. Some how (we don’t know how) someone got a hold of the inaccurate version and posted it on youtube and the video went VIRAL on us. Over 1.7 million hits. Only problem is was NOT the corrected version.

For the last 6 months we’ve done two things. 1) Tried to get the wrong version PULLED from the Internet, which is almost impossible. 2) We have produced a THIRD VIDEO which is the ACCURATE Story Behind the STAR SPANGLED BANNER. We researched and triple checked all of these facts.

And one of the AMAZING details is that it’s exactly 9:11 in length. Does 9-11 ring a bell?

This video is a moving, heart stirring video that we pray leads to people all around the world having respect and honor for the FREEDOMS that our country holds dear.

Join us in getting this ACCURATE VERSION of this story into as many hands as possible.

This weekend is so critical that we should NEVER FORGET! We are all blessed by the sacrifices of those who fought for this country and for our freedoms.

Thank yo to all who fought, to all who gave and to all your serve!

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