Thank You From Paris

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I just had to write and say thank you for hosting the services live over the internet. My wife Katie and I, who are members at the church there, decided to come out to Paris this year for Christmas, just the two of us. It’s been beautiful, romantic, and COLD here! But if there’s one thing we really miss this Christmas, it’s being around our family of believers and enjoying the traditional Christmas services.

Well, last night I was suffering some effects of “jet-lag” and started to think about home. I looked at my hometown’s newspaper site to see what was going on for Christmas, then I thought I’d take a look at my home church and see what was going on. I saw that I could stream live services, so I went ahead and clicked on it and I couldn’t believe what I saw! Katie’s uncle Larry singing a Christmas song in front of the church! Live! It was the 7:00pm service there (yes, it was 4:00am here!) I watched a little bit, and then realized that the 11:00pm service would be at 8:00am here. So I forced myself back to sleep and then woke up my wife and I early to watch the whole service at 8.

Wow, what a blessing for both of us. It really was the best way to start our Christmas day in Paris and made us feel close to home even while way over here across the Atlantic. So I wanted to again just say thank you to the team of people that work on this website and make it possible for people all over to access Shepherd of the Hills.

God Bless!

Brian & Katie



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