Smile :) Cardinals win first game of World Series

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I think many of you know that my father raised me to root for the St. Louis Cardinals. We grew up in the Midwest and most people pull for the Cards or the Cubs. Dad actually took me out of school on several occasions where we would drive to St. Louis to catch a couple of ball games. This past week MY family and I were watching game 7 of the National League Series against the New York Mets, and it was interesting to watch my children cheer when the Red Birds won the game. I thought to myself…. “Isn’t it interesting that their love for the Cardinals was something that I taught them in the same way my father taught me?” And then I had a far more convicting thought…. “I hope that they will ALSO have a love for Christ the way my father taught me to have.” Why do we strive to teach our children so many trivial things when the essential matters of faith and devotion are so lacking? Please, God, allow me to be a father that teaches my children to have a love for You that will cause them to shout and cheer for the things of God.



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