Trophies of Grace

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For two years, the Apostle Paul lived and worked in Ephesus, which was the fourth largest city in the world. He established the first ever Christian church in this very worldly city, but about 10 years after Paul had been gone, the church began to slip back into its old worldly ways. So Paul wrote the letter we know today as the Book of Ephesians in the New Testament of the Bible.

In the first half, chapters 1-3, Paul talks about the riches we have in Christ. In the second half of this book, chapters 4-6, he talks about the responsibilities we have in Christ. Paul addresses the worldliness of that crept into the church, but before he addresses this serious matter, he just wants to remind the Ephesians of who they are in Christ and what Christ has done for them.

This 15-part series covers so many important topics that are relevant to Christians today—division and prejudice, relationships, our calling in Christ Jesus, spiritual warfare, and more!

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This 15-part series will be available to ship on December 6th, 2016.

  1. Trophies of Grace
  2. Riches in Christ
  3. The Bible’s Longest Sentence
  4. I Keep Asking…
  5. One Amazing Story
  6. Breaking Down the Walls of Hostility
  7. Your Wildest Imagination ~ Minister Jeff Walling
  8. A Life Worthy of the Calling ~ Minister Jeff Walling
  9. 12,000 Ministers and Counting
  10. Characteristics of a Christ Follower
  11. Imitators of God
  12. Relationship Advice from God ~ Minister Jeff Walling
  13. Spiritual Warfare Part I
  14. Spiritual Warfare Part II
  15. Spiritual Warfare Part III



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