The Prodigal – Part 2: The Pouting Prodigal ~ Pastor Dusty Frizzell

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There are actually two prodigal sons in Luke 15. The younger son who squandered his inheritance is usually the one we hear about. But the older son was a pouting prodigal. He had an angry spirit of grumbling, evidenced by his reaction when his lost brother returned home. Pastor Dusty Frizzell teaches that this kind of anger explosion comes from an insecure fight for respect, an exaggerated sense of goodness, and a misunderstanding of God’s grace. The older brother wasn’t obedient because of righteousness, but because of recognition and reward. So, what is the antidote to such a posture? You will learn from this terrific message that it is to pray honestly and honor everyone. It’s to recognize that our aim is not to become better, but to become closer to the Father who makes us better. It’s to focus on your log and not their speck, and to treasure the relationship more than the work, knowing that it was never your goodness. It was always His.


Message by Pastor Dusty Frizzell.

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