YHWH: Sharing the Lord ~ Pastor Dudley Rutherford

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Now that we have studied God’s incomparable character and nature—which leads us to worship, serve, and honor Him—it is time to share the Lord with others. Pastor Dudley Rutherford begins by highlighting three cities that stand out in the Bible: Rome, Jerusalem, and Nineveh. In each city and in your city, there are several common denominators. There are lots of people from diverse backgrounds. There are needy people. But most importantly, there are lost people. In our last message of the YHWH series, Pastor Dudley outlines five ways we can share YHWH with others. 1.) Naturally, 2.) Obediently, 3.) Logically, 4.) Spiritually and 5.) Compassionately.


Sermon by Pastor Dudley Rutherford



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