One Thing

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Each day, thousands of choices, from the mundane to the weighty, press for your attention. On top of all that, our world is wrestling with numerous, legitimate social concerns. It all shouts for us to weigh-in and take a side. Do you ever wonder how things became so complicated? Do you ever daydream about a simpler time in your life and faith? Was there ever a simpler time for you?

With so many issues to ponder in our faith and in our crazy world, we have forgotten what is most important. Dudley Rutherford invites you to open your Bible and look closely at seven passages of Scripture where you’ll find the beautifully uncomplicated phrase one thing. These Scriptures will quiet all the noise that you’re hearing and call you back to a simpler faith.

I’m so grateful to Pastor Dudley for the incredible job he has done articulating the need for a focused life of devotion to Jesus Christ and his kingdom. Not only has Dudley captured that message throughout the pages of this book, he consistently lives it out and models a Christ-centered life for others to follow. In a time when we are divided on social, theological, racial, or gender differences, this pulls us all back to Christ as King and his kingdom first, over everything. Thank you, Pastor Dudley, for this amazing and timely word!
-Mike Burnette, pastor, LifePoint Church, Clarksville

Our lives are encumbered with a maddening number of options, pundits, voices, and paths. And we are left feeling overwhelmed and devoid of the abundant life Jesus promised. But with the pen of a poet, the precision of a scholar, and the heart of a pastor, Dudley Rutherford has given us the answer our souls need: the soothing simplicity that is a relationship with Jesus. Reading this book, I can’t tell you how many times I exhaled with sighs of relief that even in the chaos of the moment, Jesus calls me to draw deeper still from an unlimited well of rest and comfort found in one thing: Jesus. Read this book! You’ll wonder where encouragement the likes of which Dudley has hidden in these pages has been all your life. I’m forever grateful for One Thing!
-Ricky Jenkins, senior pastor, Southwest Church

In this complicated world in which we live, Pastor Dudley’s book, One Thing, comes just at the right time, delivering encouragement and practical steps on how to reclaim our focus on what matters most to God.
-Darryl Strawberry, Mets Hall of Famer (MLB), author, and speaker

What message could be better at such a time as this? It is so evident that God put this message on my friend Dudley Rutherford’s heart to cut through the noise, chaos, and uncertainty of our culture and help us refocus on faith, love, and the simple truth of the gospel. I’m thankful for Dudley’s obedience in getting these important words on paper and into your hands.
-Dr. Jack Graham, senior pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

I was with Dudley when he was noodling on the idea for this book. When he shared it with me, I thought, WOW, how come I never saw this? and WOW, this is so needed today. God has uniquely gifted Dudley to see through the complexity of our current world and to give us all access to a simpler and more hope-filled life. This book delivers on its promise. Read it and feel your blood pressure drop, your sleep get sweeter, and your peace soar.
-Randy Frazee, pastor, Oak Hills Church, and author of His Mighty Strength

Scripture never tells us to follow our hearts; it tells us to lead our hearts and follow Jesus. This book, One Thing, helps us know what that looks like. I’m grateful to Dudley for showing us straight from God’s Word how to grow one thing hearts.
-Rick Atchley, senior minister, The Hills Church of Christ

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