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If you’ve ever heard the expression, “Actions speak louder than words,” you know this has special application to our personal relationships. When you love someone, you will show it with what you do—not just with what you say. How, then, do you demonstrate your love for God? Many of us say we love God, but if we mean that, there should be evidence in our life. In this seven-part series, Pastor Dudley Rutherford and guest speakers explore seven different proofs that will be obvious in our life and conduct if we truly love the Lord.

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1.  The Truest Test – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
2.  Spending Time with God – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
3.  New Life with Christ – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
4.  A Path to Life – Pastor Jeff Vines
5.  The Love-Law Tension – Pastor Jeff Walling
6.  If You Love Me…You Will Glorify Me – Pastor Dudley Rutherford
7.  You Will be My Ambassador – Pastor Tim Winters



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