Easter 2016 ~ They Never Saw It Coming ~ Pastor Dudley Rutherford

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The first Resurrection Day carried many surprises to everyone who saw the risen Lord with their own eyes. Though it seemed like the story was over and all was lost, God had an outcome that no one saw coming. Pastor Dudley preaches this Easter 2016 sermon on how Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection leads us to ask three important questions today—which parallel the Gospel accounts 2,000 years ago: 1.) Why are you crying? (Why have sorrows when Christ has risen from the dead and offers us eternal life?) 2.) Who is it you are looking for? (We search for contentment in many things in this life, but only Jesus truly satisfies.) 3.) Will you fall before Jesus and make Him your Lord? (Just as the women who discovered Jesus alive and the first disciples and witness did, so long ago.)


Sermon by Pastor Dudley Rutherford



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