Double Dare – Be Hospitable to / Teach One Another ~ Dr. Jerry Taylor

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Astonishingly, when the apostle Peter approaches the topic of love and hospitality in 1 Peter 4:7-10, he calls readers to be realistic about the state of the world because “the end is near.” And since the final hour is imminent, Peter implies that now is the time for believers who have become affectionately attached to the things of the world to make a readjustment back to loving God and loving people. Guest preacher Dr. Jerry Taylor explains that, based on this important text, we must take four consistent actions in order to end our dependence on “things” and to shift our focus back to Christ: 1.) Mental alertness, 2.) Embracing one another despite our sinfulness, 3.) Extending genuine hospitality without grumbling, and 4.) Exercising our gifts in serving one another.


Sermon by Dr. Jerry Taylor



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