Compelled – Life Group Study Booklet

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1 booklet to accompany the 6-week DVD lesson. Each book is about 60 pages and contains eight to 12 thought-provoking questions. After you and the members of your Life Group (or small group Bible study) watch the video lesson for the week, you will have an engaging discussion about what you just watched by diving into the Life Group booklet and answering each question. The questions are designed to strengthen your faith and take you deeper into God’s Word.

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Leading others to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ is one of the most rewarding experiences a Christian can have. It’s also a biblical command. But in a culture that seems to be drifting further away from God, many believers have become silent due to fear, uncertainty, or lack of confidence or know-how. In Compelled, Dudley Rutherford inspires and provides the tools every believer needs to become bold with the Good News of salvation. You will be encouraged and equipped with inspiring stories of men and women, young and old, who have accepted the irresistible call to share Jesus with everyone they meet!



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