Shepherd Union City

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For over five years, there has been a group of people watching our services on DVD each week. Several weeks ago, I traveled to Northern California, just outside of Oakland, to fellowship over lunch with these gracious and kind people. Can you imagine??? They have been watching and listening to our sermons for five years, and we finally got to meet. It was such a joy… sheer joy to get to meet them….

The couple to my left is Myrtle and Wong and their little girl Katrina. The gentleman in the plaid shirt is named David. The couple to my immediate right is Richard and Yvonne, and the couple to the far right is Manny and Wendel. Manny got saved in Saudi Arabia and started coming to Shepherd. He fell in love with our church and then moved to Union City. He just could not find a church that was like Shepherd, so he started this group, and now Richard helps spearhead this group.

I want to encourage you to look them up if you are ever in the bay area. You can locate them off our church website,, and hopefully you can stop by and encourage them.

I have to mention the unbelievable LUNCH that Wendel fixed. It was Filipino food, and it was sooooooooooooooooo good….. I’m thinking about becoming Filipino



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