Shepherd Staff 2009

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This morning, I met with the staff here at Shepherd and shared with them the plans for 2010. They need to know before January 2010 because they need several months to prepare their individual ministries for the direction that we are headed.

We had a GREAT MORNING of sharing, and they are currently meeting with their team leaders to come up with some ideas that they can implement that coincide with their particular ministry. It’s always a rich time, and I enjoy sharing with them the thoughts and ideas that I have for the next year.

Whenever we have this yearly planning meeting I am always humbled by how wonderful our staff is and the sacrifices and commitments they make here at Shepherd. We are a BLESSED church and one of the KEY reasons for our church being so blessed is the quality of the staff that the Lord has gathered here.

These folks do NOT work for the applause of man and they do NOT work for financial gain. They work because they feel CALLED OF GOD and together they are making a difference in the LIVES of many people here in the valley and around the world.

There has never been a greater or sweeter group of staff people in any other church. I TRULY believe that. I want to thank EACH of them for their time, effort, sacrifices and their commitment to you and to the Lord.

If you get a chance, make sure you THANK THEM. They will be humbled by your gratitude.

In love
Pastor Dudley



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