Romancing Royalty Letter

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Pastor Rutherford,

Last year at this time you gave out your new devotional Romancing Royalty. It has been a blessing to me personally, as I have used it for my own devotional times, but also has blessed me in ways I would never have anticipated. I want to bless your heart with how your book has worked this past year in the hearts of some people I have given it to. I have an opportunity every day to meet many different people in another area outside of the valley, and as a Christian, I try to share my faith when I can – sometimes that means over a long period of time, gradually forming a friendship or sometimes God puts someone in my path who has a definite need he makes me aware of. Here is the story of 7 books and the results:

Von Louise had been in a bad car accident and it shook her up. Her partner of many years then left and she shared all this with me. I purchased a book for her and she began reading it, came to Shepherd to hear you in person, and I led her to the Lord at the end of the service. She now attends another church regularly and is growing. 1yr/April

Stacy was in a depression when I gave her the book and she started reading and learning that God loves her. She found a church and is growing. 1yr/July

Ed seemed hungry for the Word as I shared scripture, so I gave him a book (which he read straight through!) He is growing, but I need to make sure he is a believer.
1 yr/August

John became an alcoholic after surgery as pain relief. He let me give him a book in September and is now not drinking. I have an appointment with him to give him the gospel. 5 yrs/September

Kirby having nothing but time after back surgery began reading the devotional, and is now attending church and open to the gospel. 5 yrs/1 yr/October

Tracy’s husband left her after 12 years. The devotional has comforted her and moved her toward God. 8 months/November

Christine. God told me to give her a book even though I had just met her. After reading it for the first time, she told me she is a recovering alcoholic and it is exactly what she needed. God knew! Weeks/3days

I indicated how long I have known the person first, and then when I gave the book to them. In Kirby’s case, it wasn’t until the surgery a year ago that I was able to start witnessing, so I gave you 3 times there.

Thank you for listening to God and doing what he tells you so that many people can know the love of our Lord. Thank you for giving me a tool that has opened hearts to the gospel. It was exciting to a part of God’s work this year. I am going to continue to use the devotional as part of my outreach as God leads.



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