Romancing Royalty 2007

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I totally understand that MOST of you read through Romancing Royalty during 2006, but for those of you who didn’t, I want to encourage you to read through it during 2007. This book contains 365 powerful devotions that will draw the reader closer to King Jesus. With over 100 guest authors, this is one of the best devotional books you can find. I am convinced that this tool will help you in your spiritual development. For those of you who completed it during 2006, why don’t you post your comments on what it meant for your spiritual journey? And again, for those of you who did NOT read through it, it’s not too late to begin. We are still in the first week of 2007. Every devotion has a text, a story, a prayer, three study questions, and a place to journal. Why not start off the year on the right path? This book can be purchased at the Praises bookstore or at the website,



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