Invest in REACHING more people in more cities! 

Your gift to the REACH Campaign will allow Lift Up Jesus with Pastor Dudley to reach more people on television across the country. Lift Up Jesus currently is currently carried weekly in greater Los Angeles and in Palm Desert and Palm Springs.

We know lives are being changed in Southern California. What if lives could be changed across the country—in Detroit? In Seattle? In Atlanta? In Chicago?

Join Dudley in Lifting Up the name of Jesus so that marriages can be restored, families can thrive, and more individuals can begin their own journey lifting up Jesus—all across the country.
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Join Pastor Dudley on the evening of February 22nd at Wood Ranch Country Club in Simi Valley to hear about his vision for Lift Up Jesus. You won’t wan to miss this inspiring evening. The event will include an opportunity to support the REACH of Lift Up Jesus financially.
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