Prayers to God!

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So many things upon my heart today. Just thought I’d list out a few prayers in hopes that you would join me in praying for our world. First, for all our families. Couples struggling, marriages on the brink, children running in rebellion. May the Lord help men to step up and become Godly men who serve Christ, who honor their wives and who lead their family and children. May women reflect the love of Christ in all situations and give them peace and strength for the challenges of each day.

I want to pray for all the single men and woman and ask that they would remain true to God and save themselves for marriage. Lord help them not to compromise their faith or their purity. Help them not to run ahead of what you have planned for them.

I pray for children, specifically that you oh God would watch over them and protect them. So many forces in this world to lead them down the wrong path. My prayer is that you would raise up a generation of young people that would shake this world for Christ.

Next, I want to pray for all the Pastors and Church leaders and ministries in the world. God that our churches would be evangelistic in nature, making disciples of all nations and to not get swept up in majoring in the minors. Help our preachers and teachers to speak God’s word in an uncompromising manner. The Word of God never returns void so help us lift high the Lord Jesus Christ and his plan of Salvation for all the world to hear.

Help Christians to get out of their comfort zone and to not worry about the cost, but the call of God upon their life. Give us boldness and faithfulness and give us a burden to become true followers of Jesus Christ. Lord, help us NOT to compromise but to live each day in complete surrender to your will.

I want to also pray for the following things
1. The flooding in Thailand and to help those trying to recover.
2. The turmoil in the Middle East, to protect Israel and bring Salvation to Jews, Arabs and Egyptians.
3. The economic turmoil in Europe and specifically those in Greece.
4. Pray for the underground church in China, for the Lord’s protection and mercy.
5. For Christians in India, China, Egypt and others who are being persecuted for their faith.
6. For Americans to care more for the spiritual than the physical. We need a revival in this country.
7. For College Students in USA and abroad to not be swept away by humanism and secularism.
8. Pray for the poor and down trodden in America and around the world. Let your love be known.
9. Pray for our government that they would have a holy fear and reverence for you Lord.
10. Pray for the men and women who serve in our Military. For police officers and firefighters.
11. Pray for Hollywood and those who work in the Entertainment business to use their gifts for God.
12. Praying for Shepherd of the Hills Church, that we would reflect the church that we see in Acts.
13. Pray that every person who reads this blog would hunger and thirst for righteousness that comes from above.
14. Pray for missionaries who serve around the world. Bless them and empower them to lift high Jesus’ name.
15. Ask God to provide for those who are hurting financially and help each of us to believe in HIS LAWS of planting and sowing.
16. Pray for the city of Los Angeles. It seems like the entire world lives in this city or is at least represented. From L.A. we can help change the world as we lead others to accepting and following the Lord Jesus Christ.
17. Pray right now for YOURSELF… that the rest of this day and the rest of your life that you would honor and serve Christ with ALL of your HEART.

Lord… Thank you for the power of your love and grace. May your mercy that shines upon us be forever present and may the personal relationship that we have with you be a testimony that YOU DESIRE to have that same relationship with others. Thank you for loving us and never giving up on us. Forgive us whenever we fail you and speak truth into our lives when we take our eyes off of you. Help us to repent, to turn completely to you without hesitation.
May we read the bible with passion and conviction and see our trials as blessings as you shape and mold our lives.

Amen…. and Amen!



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