Praise for HD Video

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January 16, 2007

Dear Pastor Dudley:

This past Sunday was the first time I have ever been to the 11:30 video service. The church was full, the singing was great, and the Spirit of God was in the house. As we started to sit down and get comfortable for the preaching, I told my son I could not believe the church was full of people who knew they were only going to see a video.

The lights dimmed and there was a short video. Then the lights came up and there, on stage, was Pastor Dudley. It took my son several minutes to convince me and my daughter-in-law that you were actually at Westside and we were watching a video. Well, it freaked me out!!! I could see you walking back and forth on the stage. I could see the background depth. I raised my hand when you asked questions, said Amen at the appropriate times and even repeated what you said on several occasions. Everyone was responding to a video! It was fantastic!

One favor. Everytime we sing the slow songs, I start crying. Then, of course, it’s greeting time and I have tears running down my face. Can’t we sing the slow song AFTER the greeting time? Just a thought.




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