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The lady in the red dress Tony and some students

Tony Twist
A group picture. Can you find me?? A clue? I am the only one waving… hahaahah

I want to tell you about the lady in the red dress. Her name is Julia… I canNOT tell you all of her story because some of these ladies come from countries where it is ILLEGAL to be a Christian, and it’s best that some of the details are left out.

When I arrived at Haus Edelweiss, the Director, Tony Twist, had me meet with MANY people so that I could get a handle on the entire ministry. Remember, this ministry is primarily a Biblical Training Institute, preparing Christian leaders for Europe and Asia.

One of the meetings I had was with these four ladies. I wish I could tell you all of their stories. The common thread was that all four had gone through the college and received their degrees, and then all four were hired and are NOW on staff at the very institute that trained them. All four of them are bilingual and all four desire to see Christ shared with all of Europe.

In talking to them I asked them HOW they became a Christian. The lady in red told me an unbelievable story about how she got saved. She was attending a university as a student, and she took a class on the subject of learning English. Her teacher had heard about some lady from America that was visiting this particular country and invited the American lady to come visit her class. The teacher always invited English speaking visitors to her class so her students could truly learn how to pronounce words correctly. Thus, Julia was in class listening to the visitor, who was a guest of the teacher. After the class was over… the English speaking visitor needed to catch a bus, which was about 10 minutes from the school. She needed someone to show her where the bus stop was, and Julia was the only person standing around and volunteered her time and said she would help the visitor get to the bus stop.

Julia said that while the two of them walked to the bus stop, they quickly became friends and in the short span of a 10 minute walk, the visitor told Julia that she was a missionary and that she had come to her country to tell people about Jesus. She invited Julia to come to a Bible study that she was hosting, and JULIA accepted the invitation! It was through that Bible Study that she gave her life to Jesus. And now several years later, after receiving her degree from TCMI, she is NOW spending her life preparing students to spread the gospel throughout all of Europe.

I quickly thought about how GOD moves and directs our footsteps and allows each of us to cross paths with those who are lost like Julia. And when we obey and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, God will lead us to those who, in turn, will be saved and then be used by God to take the gospel to the nations.

I ask again… What would keep you from going on a missions trip? Take a week, a month, a year and allow God to lead you wherever he chooses. Who knows… on a trip to a bus stop, you’ll meet a Julia and lead her to the Lord, and she, in turn, will be a part of reaching MILLIONS for the Lord God.



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