Peter and Jocelyn White

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Many of you may or may not know Peter and Jocelyn White. They were married about a year ago and have been very active in our church. I wanted to share a little about Jocelyn with you because she is the main staff person organizing the campus on the Westside. For the past several years, she helped to coordinate the Vine, which is our Sunday night service at the Porter Ranch campus.

When we started our Westside campus, that meets at the Wadsworth theatre in Brentwood, Peter and Jocelyn were the obvious choice to help us get started because they live just a few blocks away from the theatre.

On Sunday mornings, the Westside campus runs like a well oiled machine, and it’s primarily due to the organizational skills of Jocelyn and her team. She has a HOST of volunteers and staff who work together week in and week out. I literally show up on Sundays, and everything is ready to go… This team of people have organized ushers, greeters, counselors, musicians, set up crews, child care services, connection table helpers and the best table of refreshments on the Westside.

Her husband, Peter, is a constant source of encouragement, as well as a sounding board and a man of Godly insight.

I know I’ve told you many times how successful we’ve been on our Westside Campus, but I wanted you to know who is mostly responsible for this success. Thank you, Jocelyn, for helping our church reach the Westside for Jesus!!!



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