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The picture above is of one of my two life groups. These men are the Pastors of the church although several of them were absent when this picture was taken. I want to tell you and the entire church that I could NOT do my job without these Godly men. Together they set the foundation for a wonderful church staff.

These men are extremely supportive and loyal and I am blessed to serve and lead such a tight knit group of men. I want to express to each of them my love and appreciation and I will never adequately be able to fully explain how much they mean to me.

Being a Pastor of a large church it is critical that I have a team of committed Christlike men gathered around me. And God has certainly brought such a group to help serve Shepherd of the Hills Church. Please take a moment to thank the Lord for these godly men.

I recently received the following email concerning these men:

Hi Pastor Dudley!
I’ve been involved here at SOTH for about five years… and I just want to tell you how much I love the Shepherd Pastors (yourself included). Let me tell you why:
1. They love, love, love.
2. I’ve never heard a cross word from their lips.
3. They laugh at themselves.
4. They work together in unity even when there are glitches in the plans.
5. They show respect to everybody without exception or favorites.
6. They are full of humble grace and truth.
7. They stop to talk to us, even if they are in a hurry and going somewhere.
8. They make us grow.
9. They encourage without pushing.
10. They keep the Big Picture as the Big Picture.
11. They love, love, love.
12. They let us fail sometimes and don’t beat us up, but give us a hand back up.
13. They see the beauty in us when on a bad day or when no one else does.
14. They let us ask questions.
15. They listen before they give answers.
16. They bring life and joy to our lives.
17. They don’t act like they are working hard or stressed out, even when they are.
18. They don’t ask for attention or kudos.
19. They honor the Lord first.
20. They stand together and honor each other.
21. They smile a lot :-).
22. They are intense & caring in their love for the lost.
23. They encourage us step-by-step without rigid performance expectations.
24. They teach from the Word, not from their opinions.
25. They are openly human and solicit feedback/improvement.
26. They may sometimes be forgetful like all of us, but they don’t forget the important things like love, love, love!
27. They don’t give up when it’s tough.
28. They absolutely shine with hope and faith & redemption.

I could go on and on, Pastor. The relationships I have with the pastors at SOTH are changing my life. I’ve been a Christian since 1975 and have never been so blessed with such wonderful models to follow.

Thank you, Pastor Dudley, and please pass the word to the other SOTH staff that you guys really are Jesus incarnate and encouraging us to be the same!




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