On my way to Vienna

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The Great Synagogue

Seats over 3000
Cemetery.. See ArchesSame arches in the background
I will write more later… But I am on my way to Vienna, and I stopped by Budapest, Hungary for a couple of days on the way. I wanted to share a couple of things. Please think and pray about these thoughts. First, Hungary is a small example of all of Europe. Ten million people live in Hungary, and 2 million people live in Budapest. As you walk up and down the streets of this city, you realize there are NO Christian churches, and literally, millions of people live in this country withOUT knowing that Jesus Christ is Lord. It’s difficult for me to imagine how so many folks can live day to day without any real hope. Yes, they have some formal churches, but as far as a church that is patterned after the ACTS 2 church, you are NOT going to find one here. When and how will God raise up a leader to come to this country to help evangelize to the lost? I want YOU, yes YOU, whoever you are, to seriously consider coming to this part of the world and building a great New Testament church. I know you probably have a million excuses, but why not visit and see for yourself, and begin asking God if it’s possible. Ask HIM if he would provide for you a way to come to this country and give your life to a great cause.

Secondly, I want to post some pictures. I never know the order of pictures posted so I will write here and you can try to locate which picture I am talking about.

First, there is a Jewish Synagogue that I visited today. It is the largest Jewish Synagogue in all of Europe. It was built between 1854-59 and seats over 3,000 people. Outside the church, you will see a Jewish cemetery. Notice the arches on the side of the cemetery. That is a wall outside the Synagogue. The wall was a walkway between the cemetery and the Synagogue. You will see a picture taken during the time period where Hitler was trying to rid the world of Jews. Look for the arches. They are the same arches outside the Synagogue/Cemetery.

Some 600,000 Jews from Hungary were killed by the Nazi Regime. (Before I return to the U.S.A., I plan on visiting some of the Death Camps, where millions were killed. Remember how violated we felt during 9-11, when 3,000 Americans were killed in New York City? We are talking 600,000 Jews from this country alone that were brutally destroyed by Adolf Hitler. It is a SHAME that the world did NOT move faster to help divert this tragedy. One picture is a MAP… and down in the LOWER right hand corner is where this FAMOUS synagogue stands. This map is an area that was turned into a GHETTO, where literally tens of thousands of Jews were sent to the Death Camps. Some 70,000 Jews were enslaved inside this Ghetto.

ONE MORE PICTURE is of group of Hungarian Mafia members standing among hundreds of slain Jews. There is a plain wall behind them. It is the outside wall of a hospital. These Mafia men who are standing in front of this wall went into the hospital and murdered everyone INSIDE the hospital. They went inside and killed all of the Jewish doctors, nurses, and patients. Anyone who was Jewish was killed. Then, the men proudly stood in front of the dead for a trophy picture. After the war was over, this VERY picture was used to track down and hold accountable the ones who had executed these murders.

My heart stirs for the Jewish people who died at the hands of EVIL MEN. I wish someone had saved them… I wish this tragedy had NEVER happened… But the world stood in denial and watched as millions were killed. Yes, the United States of America stepped in to help end the war, but many wish and wonder why we didn’t involve ourselves sooner. THESE TRAGEDIES took place as recently as the 1940’s. THAT WAS NOT THAT LONG AGO.

And here we are in the year 2009, and there are now 10 million people living in this country and they are all dying without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. And here we are, the church of Jesus Christ, standing on the sidelines and just thinking that someone else will get around to it. Brothers and Sisters……. May God burden YOUR HEART to do something about this. Millions are dying…. We have the solution…. Who will go? Who will commit? Who will be burdened to help save those who are dying….



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