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Today was a good day of football because the University of Oklahoma beat in state rival Oklahoma State and set up a chance to be the BIG 12 conference champions if they can beat long time rival Nebraska on December 2nd. Yes… I know what some of you are thinking… You thought I was a Bruin. Well, truth be told, I root for both the Bruins and the Sooners. That is NOT a sin. I cannot find a verse in the Bible where is says you can NOT root for two teams. So chill.

Back to the Sooners. Earlier in the year Oklahoma got ripped off from having a win over Oregon. You can watch the video for yourself. It was one of the worse calls ever in sports history. And had that call been made correctly there is a chance that Oklahoma NOT usc (notice the small case letters of usc 🙂 would be playing the Ohio State Buckeyes for a National Championship. Oh well, I guess there is always next year.

The reason I am mentioning this is because after this disastrous call in the Oregon game Oklahoma could have folded. They could have called it a season and just been content with having a lackluster year. But NO! They have battled back and have this chance to become CHAMPIONS. It should encourage all of us to never give up. Even when it looks like things are stacked against us. I’m hoping the Sooners can get to the BIG GAME and show the character it takes to overcome the odds. You certainly don’t have to, but if you have NO ONE else to root for during this Holiday Bowl Season…pull for Oklahoma. Go Sooners!



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