Oasis, The Super Bowl and Dr. Scott Bauer

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My dad was preaching this morning, and I attended a church in Hollywood called Oasis. The minister, Philip Wagner, has built a dynamic church that is truly impacting L.A. and our world. God is using this church to be a light in an area that is in desperate need of salvation. Philip, may God continue to bless you, your life, and your ministry.

Before church, I went to the cemetery to visit the grave of my dear friend, Dr. Scott Bauer. Scott was the Sr. Pastor of Church on the Way until the Lord called him heavenward a few years ago.
I spent about an hour there, cleaned his marker, and sat down and wrote him a letter. Today is Super Bowl Sunday, but in my heart, as I sat there and cried, missing my co-laborer in Jesus Christ, the game was irrelevant to me. You see, there is NO GAME as important as things of the eternal nature. I don’t think the Lord minds if we attend a few games here and there, as long as they do not become an idol to us.

This morning, as I was praying and looking across the vast cemetery, it was such a vivid reminder that all of us will one day pass from this life into the next. We need to live every day seeking to please God in every way, and the things that truly matter are the things that are eternal.

I’m so thankful that Scott led his life in such a way that the eternal was a priority to him. He sought to instill those values into everyone he came in contact with.

Scott, thank you, my friend, for reminding me in life and in death to serve Jesus with all of my heart.

I love you, my brother…



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