Not a LOT of sleep

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I woke up this morning at about 4:30 AM. For some strange reason my dog, BUSTER, thought a stray rabbit that he saw was worth waking up the entire neighborhood.

I immediately began to think about my schedule this week and that was the end of my night’s rest. It always seems that I book so many things into my life that I wake up one day and realize that I cannot possibly keep all these plates spinning at the same time.

It’s never a good thing to walk into one’s office NOT knowing where to start. So today, as in many days, I must begin with prayer — asking God for wisdom; asking God to help me remember HOW BIG HE IS and how small I am; praising God for all of 2008 and trusting in God for all of 2009; praising God for WHO He is and not because of WHAT He can do; remembering the flock that God has placed under my care; asking God to help me be a dedicated Man of God; begging for mercy for all the times I’ve blown it; singing the words to some of my favorite praise songs and even recalling some old hymns I used to sing as a boy; thinking of those who are dreaming big dreams and asking God that He would give them the desires of their heart.

I am asking God to provide financially for all the people that I know of that are hurting right now, for the protection and provision for my family and loved ones, for believers to feverishly seek and save that which is lost. I read today of a woman who died trying to rescue her dog. Lord, why can’t we be more diligent in rescuing the unborn child, or the man who does NOT know Christ?

Lord, help me today, every second of today. I cry out to You, for YOUR help, for YOUR guidance, for YOUR protection, for YOUR love and for YOUR purpose to be front and center. Thank you for helping me get through THIS DAY. I pray in JESUS’ name…. Amen!!!



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