New York, New York

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My brother, David, is a HUGE Boston Celtics fan. About three months ago, I began planning a surprise trip for the two of us. On Tuesday, I had his wife put him on a plane to New York, and she didn’t tell him WHO was going to meet him at the airport. When he landed, there I stood! Today we went to the WTC and then tonight, we went to see the Lakers play the Knicks. We were walking out of the hotel to attend the game, and we heard that Kobe was suspended and would not be playing….. Oh well…. what can we do….

Tomorrow we will fly to Boston and watch the Celtics without Paul Pierce try to beat the Lakers with a fired up Kobe. In the post below, there are a few pictures of Times Square, and lo and behold, it was actually SNOWING.

My brother is a pastor, and I know that it’s important for him to get away from time to time, so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed encouraging him in this manner. We will be home Thursday morning, and we would greatly appreciate you praying for our safe trip home.

NOTE: The top PICTURE….. There are three tall buildings in the background. The dark building on the left is 55 stories high and the WTC was TWICE that height! It was very solemn walking around this block and thinking about what happened on 9/11.



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