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Imagine hearing the news that Dave Stone from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky has just resigned. Likewise, Rick Atchley just resigned from The Hills Church in Richland Hills, Texas. And I just heard the news that Dudley Rutherford is resigning from Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch, California. But why do you ask?

The Three Pastors have decided to leave their churches and join together to start ONE AMAZING church where they will create a SUPER TEAM of Pastors to build a dynasty of a church that will rise above all other churches. They have decided to use the same formula of the Miami Heat in attempting to create a championship caliber church.

You might not believe me but I laughed out loud while writing the two previous paragraphs. For so many reasons it’s an absurd thought. First of all, they are NOT our churches. Secondly, we all think we are normal, run of the mill, average ordinary people that are fully trusting in God for his mercy and grace. Thirdly, ONLY God builds the church. Let me repeat that thought unless some of you don’t understand how strongly we believe this truth that GOD builds HIS church.

NO SUPERSTARS NEEDED. Just ordinary folk who are willing to be used by God in anyway he chooses. I can speak on behalf of Dave and Rick, we are all three humbled that God would ever do anything good through our lives.

However, what ignited this blog post is that tonight the Dallas Mavericks are playing the Miami Heat in a best of 7 game playoff format and I, for one, vigilantly root against the Miami Heat because the BIG THREE Superstars that joined forces in attempting to win a championship down there in the gator state. Two of the three turned on their team and their fans, pulled up stakes and said “see you later” and headed for what they think is going to be greener pastures. Now, honestly, I don’t really care. Did you hear me? I said I don’t really care because it’s just a game and I agree with their right to go play their game wherever they wish to play.

But so often, I have seen SO MANY people JUMP to what they thought was greener pastures, only to discover what they had originally had, on their side of the fence, was actually the better place.

Sometimes it’s a marriage, or a school. It could be a job or a new home. Isn’t there a truth to that maxim, “that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side?” Call me OLD SCHOOL but I still believe that it’s always a better reward if you stay and work through the problems and you perhaps take longer to get the job done, but you stay and work and turn the soil and work the land on YOUR SIDE of the fence and you will then enjoy the spoils of your labor and the joy and reward will be greater than taking the road of least resistance.

I was actually just out of Bible College when a pastor in a large church showed me the wisdom of Psalm 37:3. It reads “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture”. I was told it means just stay where you are and do good. Trust in the Lord and just dwell in the land or place that God has led you and the result of that is you will enjoy or experience the blessing of God upon your life.

You see Rick Atchley (twitter@rickatchley) has been at his church for 22 years. I (twitter@pastordudley) have been at Shepherd for almost 25 years. I know Dave Stone (twitter@davestone920) who has been at Southeast probably that same amount of time. Dave worked with Bob Russell who was the Senior Pastor for 40 years. Anybody can leave and try to take shortcuts to God’s blessing, but the real joy and real blessing comes from staying where God has planted you and working diligently with God’s help to make your side of the fence “the place to be”.

Go Mavericks!!!



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