My dear friend Dr. Scott Bauer

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Today marks the five year anniversary since my dear friend Dr. Scott Bauer went to be with the Lord Jesus. He was the Sr. Pastor of Church on the Way, husband to his sweet wife Rebecca, and father to three wonderful children…Brian, Kyle and Lindsey. Scott impacted my life in so many ways and it’s still difficult for me to believe that he is no longer with us. I know that as a Christian Pastor I’m supposed to have all of this figured out. But here I am five years later and still missing this godly man. Yes, he makes heaven all more real to me but I don’t ever want to forget this mighty warrior for Jesus and the influence he had on this valley. It is very important that we remember Scott by doing the things he taught us and by living out the Christlikeness he exemplified.

I know that if Scott were here today he would be leading the charge to protect marriage as a union between a man and a woman. He would be involved in intense prayer and intercession for our city.

Scott the Great… I love you my brother. The time will soon come to pass when we shall see you face to face. We’ll look for Jesus and then we’ll look at the person closest to Him, and I’m sure that will be you.



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