My Brother Deano

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On a recent weekend I took my little motorcycle group called the Pastors Posse down to Hemet, California. My brother Deano is the minister of a church called Hemet Christian Church. You can google him to find him. Deano LOVES to preach and does a great job going into smaller churches and getting them turned around. Dean has always been a funny guy and says whatever comes to his mind. And at times that has gotten him into trouble but underneath all his funny things he still loves the Lord and he still wants to build a great church.

If you are ever in Hemet or live NEAR there go visit him. He can always use some encouragement and please tell him hello for me.

I want to thank the HOLY THUNDER aka Pastor’s Posse for riding with me recently. We rode to his church and I preached and then we rode home. It was a blast.



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