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Dear Pastor Rutherford,I am sure that you and the staff at shepherd of the hills have been asked to be involved in many programs in the community. Michelle is a friend of many of my friends from college and is an amazing, strong and wonderful person. She was diagnosed with Leukemia last year and has just found that she’s relapsed. The worst part is a huge blow because they also found a tumor in her brain. She has a lightness and goodness about her that has inspired many people to help try to find a bone marrow donor for her.We have created an organization called “Project Michelle” ( to increase the number of registered donors. Although the drive is centered around Asians, I’d like to coordinate with people in the LA area and have marrow drives setup at one or all of the church campuses with your permission. In these dark times for her family and friends, they need God in their lives. She has until June 21st to find a donor. I pray that there is something that we can do through shepherd of the hills. Through the blood of christ, we were all saved and through his blood, I pray we find someones blood to save Michelle.Please let me know if there is anything we can do. Thank you so much for time Pastor Rutherford.Sincerely,Andrew Kim510.913.6141Attendee of Porter Ranch



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