Moon Girls and Kerri

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The Moon girls are baby sitting Kerri this week, or shall I say Kerri is baby sitting the Moon girls? Tom and Lisa Moon have 3 daughters and they are helping watch Kerri as Renee is back in Kansas City attending a funeral for a close friend of hers.
Yesterday, I took the girls to Maggie Moo’s after school. Needless to say, it was FUN. Kerri is 11. Taylor is 10. Haylee is 8. Elsie is 4. One of thee MOST important factors in raising children is to make sure your children’s peers are believers. It is always a joy to allow my children to be with other children who have personal relationships with Jesus Christ.
I want to thank Tom and Lisa for raising their children in the ways of the Lord.
And, by the way, these girls sure do like ice cream!!!



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