Mom and Dad

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Dallas, Dad, and Dudley
Mom, Kayla and Kerri
Ask Dallas who won????
Dad getting ready to pray for our Thanksgiving meal.

Had a chance to go see my parents over Thanksgiving and I just wanted to thank the Lord for my parents and all they have ever done for me in both word and example. I truly am a blessed man to have such Godly parents.

Most of you know my dad and how great of a preacher he is and probably most of you do not know much about my mom. She is a SAINT!!! 🙂 and she is the one who held our family together. My mom is funny. She is beautiful and delightful. She is wise and she is the worlds leading mulitasker. She was the one who dressed us and got us to church on weekends, fixed all our meals and made sure we always behaved.

I just want to tell you that I PRAISE GOD for my parents and I hope that I can be the same for my own three children.

Hopefully each of you will take time over these holidays to reflect on your families and to express your love and appreciation to them.




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